Why you should buy aged Facebook accounts with friends for ads?

The older the Facebook account, the higher its trust. High trust on the page gives protection from blocking. That is why old Facebook accounts are very much appreciated and are one of the best and most profitable offers on the market. Aged FB profiles work great in advertising. We recommend that you definitely try this product for SMM. Various countries are available: USA, India, UK and others.

What features are available on old Facebook accounts?

There are many offers on Reddit, but we recommend buying this product in our store from professional programmers. Your ads will be the most effective. Old Facebook accounts often have a ready-made marketplace. This is the best place to advertise your services and products. You can buy aged FB accounts with age with PVA. They will confirm the phone number for each person.


The main characteristics of goods from this section:

  • Old registration year
  • High trust due to aged
  • Favorable for bulk purchase
  • High-quality IPv4 proxy included
  • Cookie for import into antidetect browser
  • Low price
  • Often there is a marketplace
  • Many living friends
  • Great for posting ad
  • USA, India, UK and other countries