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The social network Facebook is one of the most popular platforms in the world, which is used for advertising, communication, building personal brands and various types of earnings. The site has the simplest functionality, it contains millions of real users from Russia, the USA (US), Canada, European, UK, Nigeria, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh countries and other locations. If you want to promote your own business or solve other problems, then you should buy Facebook accounts. Our online account store offers a wide range of female, male and other accounts created in compliance with the rules and restrictions of the system. By purchasing old Facebook accounts for advertising, you can carry out promotion without huge financial investments.

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In this article, we have summarized the opinion of SMM specialists, and also share our experience in order to tell you in detail about:

Why buy Facebook accounts bulk?

In 2021, the audience of the social network grew by 11%, it amounted to 2.7 billion active users, which is almost a third of the world’s inhabitants. The social network has an audience of different ages, consisting of adolescents, young women, business men, retirees and representatives of other social strata.

Having decided to buy inexpensive Facebook accounts bulk, you will be able to solve the following strategic tasks:

  • provide direct communication with the target audience, as well as collect customers who are interested in your offer;
  • run ad campaigns. You can buy Facebook accounts for Instagram ads that have old registrations and guarantee the reliability of each campaign;
  • cheat in personal blogs, groups and commercial pages. The cost of a Facebook account is from 1$. – This is a lower price than paid actions performed by real users. Working on the multi-accounting technology, you will be able to control the process of cheating, bypassing errors and blocking;
  • post and send bulk private messages. Facebook accounts are cheap, so financial risks in case of blocking will be minimal;
  • redirect traffic to the main site;
  • segment your audience by selecting promising clients;
  • improve the reputation of a brand, company, online store;
  • earn. The system for generating income is simple: you buy trust aged Facebook accounts, carry out minimal content and activity, and then sell them at a higher price;
  • save as much as possible on advertising and SMM marketing using ready-made Facebook accounts and automation programs.

Facebook is a versatile tool used by both business and private users ?

A social network with a multi-billion dollar audience provides maximum reach and results that will not be long in coming.

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What is multi-accounting?

The multi-accounting technology appeared not so long ago, but it has repeatedly proved its effectiveness. While working with multi-accounting, you will manage several accounts – the number is not limited. The Facebook account network allows for the following works:

  • fast promotion of the main page;
  • effective growth of the number of subscribers;
  • advertising mailings that will draw users’ attention to a page on Facebook or a third-party site;
  • attracting attention with the help of likes, comments, adding as friends and other actions;
  • increased activity on the main page, which allows you to quickly take a leading position in your niche.
  • You can use many FB accounts with a marketplace

Of course, account management is not carried out manually, because there are programs that will perform actions according to a given algorithm. The technology provides comfort, safety and the fastest possible results. The main plus is that you do not risk anything: the low cost of FB accounts brings financial losses to zero.

We have compiled a table for you to determine secure authorization when buying bulk Facebook accounts

Authorization without a proxy Authorization with Ipv6 proxy Authorization with Ipv4 proxy Mobile proxy authorization VPN authorization Authorization from VPS, VDS, Emulators, etc.
1 account Allowed on PC only Forbidden Allowed on PC only Allowed on mobile devices only Forbidden on first visit Highly discouraged. 90% risk of being banned
2-10 accounts Forbidden Forbidden Allowed only on PC (Recommended) 1 Proxy = 1 account Allowed only on mobile devices 1 Proxy = 1 account Forbidden on first visit Highly discouraged. 90% risk of being banned
10 – 20 accounts Forbidden Forbidden Allowed only on PC (Recommended) 1 Proxy = 1 account Allowed only on mobile devices (Not recommended) 1 Proxy = 1 account Forbidden on first visit Highly discouraged. 90% risk of being banned
More than 20 accounts Forbidden Forbidden Allowed only on PC with good antidetect (Recommended) 1 Proxy = 1 account Forbidden Forbidden on first visit Highly discouraged. 90% risk of being banned

Multi-accounting with the use of special services helps to bypass the limitations of the social network. The latter puts forward strict requirements under which a user cannot use multiple accounts if he does not want to get a lock.

Buying Facebook accounts becomes the optimal solution for people who want to maintain anonymity on the network, promote or do not want to risk the main page.

Multi-accounting has a number of competitive advantages:

  • reduction in the cost of the process of promotion of personal and commercial pages;
  • full automation of the process of performing various actions;
  • ease of implementation;
  • affordable cost of accounts, so you will quickly replace those that got blocked during the application of shadow promotion schemes;
  • the ability to hide your identity on the network;
  • getting a tool that will allow you to bypass the limitations of the social network.

We have listed the main advantages, in fact, there are many more. With the help of verified Facebook accounts, you will be able to carry out mass spam mailing, which will attract the attention of a huge number of users to your offer. However, when working with this tool, it is worth considering the limits on actions that will help to be active, but without attracting too much attention.

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What are Facebook limits, what are the current limits?

Limits are the number of actions that can be performed from one account within an hour or a day. If the limits are regularly exceeded, the account will be banned, and you can also get a ban for spamming (we will talk about this a little later). Restrictions apply to the following types of actions:

  • likes;
  • comments;
  • subscriptions;
  • sending messages;
  • Abuse when working with a business manager
  • sending and receiving applications to friends, others.
  • excessive activity when working with the marketplace
  • abuse of authorizations on sites fiverr, reddit, dating service et al.

If there is excessive activity from one account, then it can be banned. When working with a large number of accounts, the limits should also be observed, which will ensure a long page life cycle.

Limits on actions are constantly changing, social networks are reluctant to advertise them, so users identify many restrictions through trial and error.

In 2020-2021, the following action limits are set:

  • simultaneous sending of messages to groups / users – no more than 5 addressees at a time;
  • adding to friends – no more than 150 applications per hour;
  • confirmation of friend applications – no more than 200 applications per hour;
  • publications on personal pages – 7 per day, in groups – 10 per day.

Algorithms are constantly changing, so it is difficult to specify exact data on limits. Another factor that influences restrictions is the trust of the account. Old accounts with high activity and friends are more credible than empty new registers. If you bought fresh FB accounts for ads, then start performing actions gradually, constantly increasing the volume.

Table for determining the time interval between authorizations of a certain number of accounts

1 account per 1 pc 5 accounts per 1 pc 10 accounts per 1 pc 20 accounts per 1 pc 50 accounts per 1 pc More than 100 accounts on 1 pc
1 proxy per account You can go to the next account right away After logging in 5 accounts, you can enter the next 5 in 20 minutes After logging in 10 accounts, you can log in to the next 10 in 30 minutes After authorizing 20 accounts, the next 20 can be accessed in 2 hours After authorizing 50 accounts, you can log in to the next 50 in 12 hours After authorizing 100 accounts, you can log in to the next 100 in 1 day
1 proxy for 2 accounts You can go to the next account right away After logging in 5 accounts, you can log in to the next 5 in 25 minutes After logging in 10 accounts, you can log in to the next 10 in 40 minutes After authorizing 20 accounts, the next 20 can be accessed in 4 hours After authorizing 50 accounts, you can log in to the next 50 in 18 hours After authorizing 100 accounts, you can log in to the next 100 in 2 days
1 proxy per 3 accounts You can go to the next account right away After logging in 5 accounts, you can log in to the next 5 in 30 minutes After logging in 10 accounts, you can log in to the next 10 in 60 minutes After authorizing 20 accounts, you can log in to the next 20 in 6 hours After authorizing 50 accounts, you can log in to the next 50 in 24 hours After authorizing 100 accounts, you can log in to the next 100 in 4 days
1 proxy for 5 accounts You can go to the next account right away After logging in 5 accounts, you can log in to the next 5 in 60 minutes After logging in 10 accounts, the next 10 can be accessed in 120 minutes After authorizing 20 accounts, the next 20 can be accessed in 8 hours After authorizing 50 accounts, you can log in to the next 50 in 48 hours After authorizing 100 accounts, you can log in to the next 100 in 7 days

For example, you have accounts that were created a couple of days ago. In this case, you should start with 5 likes per hour, within a week the number can be increased to 40-50 likes. Blocking can be imposed for a variety of reasons:

  • the name on the account is different from the name of the bank card that you use to pay for advertising;
  • the limit on actions is regularly exceeded;
  • the first over-budget ad campaign was launched;
  • sharp jumps in the budget for advertising;
  • sending spam to private messages;
  • advertising of prohibited goods and services;
  • insulting users of a social network;
  • copyright infringement;
  • login to your account from different countries. We are talking about situations in which in the morning you use a Europe IP, and after 30-40 minutes – an American one;
  • Frequent complaints about advertisements or actions taken from the account.

Having bought ready-made Facebook accounts, you can not be afraid of blocking, because accounts have an affordable cost. They can be used to cheat, increase the number of group members and other actions that somehow violate the rules of the social network.

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What Facebook accounts can I buy?

When deciding to buy Facebook accounts, you must determine what type of pages you will work with. One of the pages will be the main one, the others will be used for cheating and other actions aimed at increasing activity, coverage, and the number of followers. The social network provides 4 types of pages, we will consider them in more detail.

Personal pages

Personal page is a tool for communicating with friends. Allows you to add photos, videos and other types of content. It is intended solely for communication, in the case of commercial use it can be banned, which is spelled out in the rules of the social network. The exception is reposts of publications, which can be of both informational and commercial nature. Personal profiles can have up to 5 thousand friends, without them it is impossible to create a page or group.

Personal pages are often used to make money online. In this case, the account owner reposts advertising publications, receiving a small reward for the action. This scheme of earnings is suitable for students, housewives and all those who want to slightly increase their income. For these purposes, it is worth buying old Facebook accounts with friends, because advertisers are interested in accounts that have views, likes and other types of activity. If the account was created a couple of days ago and does not have subscribers, then the repost will not be paid.

Personal pages can also be:

  1. PVA (Phone Verified Accounts)The type of pages that were confirmed by the phone number
  2. MVA (Mail Verified Accounts)The profile has been confirmed by email. Mail can be supplied as a set
  3. Softreg/Avtoreg FB AccountsPages were registered automatically by software
  4. FarmThe profiles have gone through a manual pharming process. This means long-term work on accounts. Adding live friends, chatting, participating in discussions and other activities
  5. Aged Facebook AccountProfiles that have been registered a long time ago. Usually separated by year of registration
  6. With MarketplacePages that have a platform for selling goods on Facebook. Doesn’t work in some countries !
  7. AntibanThis is a characteristic to indicate the maximum trust, which increases account resistance to blocking
  8. Trust Facebook AccountsA set of different account parameters that determine the resistance of the page to blocking during advertising campaigns
  9. Warmed up Facebook accountsHigh trust pages that have gone through all the stages of farming
  10. Reinstated accountRecovered profiles after locking
  11. With cookie JSONMore secure authorization can be done by importing cookies
  12. With TokenVery handy for adding ads automatically

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Business Pages

This type of account can be divided into two subgroups:

  • business pages.Designed to promote companies, brands, startups and other commercial projects. The pages contain information about promotions, contests, updates and other news related to the project. The functions of adding questionnaires, photos, text posts and videos have been implemented, and feedback is also available. You can buy Facebook business manager accounts that have a high trust and require minimal investment to promote;
  • fan pages.Created with the aim of promoting actors, musicians, artists – people and projects that may have fans. A wide range of functionality is available for filling, promoting and communicating with followers.

Business pages are a key link in SMM promotion, they allow:

  • launch targeted advertising campaigns;
  • increase loyalty to a company or brand;
  • process applications, as well as collect complaints, requests from satisfied and dissatisfied customers;
  • work with analytical data;
  • make sales.

In our online store you can buy Facebook accounts that are suitable for cheating and promotion from scratch.

Accounts are created and verified taking into account the rules of the social network – all this ensures high promotion efficiency, reduces the risk of blocking and allows you to perform promotion with a minimum budget.

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A Facebook group is a community that unites users by tastes, interests, place of residence, etc. Groups contain informational, news, advertising, commercial and other types of posts. Groups allow subscribers to communicate with each other, there are ample opportunities for monetization. If you want to quickly promote a group, then it is advisable to buy completed Facebook accounts with friends in order to wind up likes, discussions, reposts and other types of actions.


The page dedicated to the event is created with one purpose – to promote a specific project. We are talking about webinars, contests, concerts, film premieres, online courses and other types of events.

How to choose the right page type?

It should be said that the user must clearly understand what type of page he needs. Before making a final decision, be sure to define your target audience, the actions to be performed from the account, and the type of project: commercial or non-commercial.

If you start using your personal sales page, it is more likely to be blocked.

If you want to gather people who need the services of a veterinarian or hairdresser in a particular city, then it is worth creating a group. In the case of promoting a veterinary clinic or beauty studio, a business page will be required.

How to work with purchased Facebook accounts, what to look for?

In our online store you can buy cheap Facebook accounts, which you will use for cheating, launching advertising, promoting, redirecting traffic and other actions. However, buying is the first step, because the accounts need to be handled correctly, otherwise they will be banned. We provide answers to popular questions about accounts and how they are used.

What is a Facebook account trust?

Each account has a kind of credit of trust, which determines the risk of getting blocked. Old accounts with a large number of subscribers are more credible than new ones that regularly send spam. The level of trust depends on a number of factors, including:

  • the location of the account owner.The lowest trust has accounts from which business is carried out from Vietnam, India and other countries. In our online store you can buy Russian Facebook accounts with high trust to perform any kind of action;
  • the presence of locks.Each warning and blocking automatically lowers the level of trust;
  • the lifetime of the account.The longer the registration period, the higher the trust. Accounts created more than 3 years ago have the highest credit of trust;
  • attached and confirmed data.This is an email address or phone number;
  • age of posts on the page.If the page was created a long time ago, but does not have old publications, then the trust may be low. To increase the indicator, use one trick: repost old entries to your page. You can find old posts in city groups or publics that have not been updated with new content for a long time;
  • binding to other services.These can be mobile applications, pages on other social networks, news sites, postal services and other resources. If the account does not have such a link, then the credit of trust decreases;
  • no complaints.This implies complaints not only about the account, but also about the content or advertising that is distributed from it.

To increase the trust of a new account, be sure to link a phone number or email address to it, perform authorization via Facebook on third-party sites and applications, avoid blocking and repost old records. If you want to minimize the risk of being banned, then be sure to buy Facebook accounts with tracking – these accounts are kept for a certain time, so the social network treats them more or less loyally.

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What are Facebook friends and subscribers, why should their number be increased?

You can add friends to your personal account, and subscribers to business pages and groups. People can send applications on their own, and the owner of the page has the right to send invitations (do not forget about the limits). The more friends and subscribers a page has, the higher the reach and the number of promotional offers. Advertisers don’t want to work with page owners with a minimum number of followers. Followers significantly increase natural activity, which has a positive impact on trust and position on the social network. If you want to increase the number of subscribers and friends, then you should buy heated Facebook accounts. They can be used without risk to the main page by sending out invitations, links and promotional messages.

Fields of application of Facebook accounts

After purchasing Facebook accounts, you can use them to increase likes, comments, the number of subscribers, and other tasks. Using the main account for these purposes is not a good idea, because after receiving several complaints, it can be banned once and for all. The use of ready-made accounts, the price of which starts from 1 rub. excluding the discount, will ensure safety and will not entail financial losses in the event of a blockage. The risk of the latter can be minimized by using proxies and multi-browsers.

Another area is earnings, because a pumped Facebook account can be used for different monetization schemes:

  • standard paid advertising of other pages on FB. For a fee, you will post posts with direct or hidden advertising on the promoted page, providing fast monetization;
  • implementation of promoted pages and groups. By purchasing cheap Facebook accounts with friends, you can upgrade the main page in a quality manner: increasing followers, increasing activity, posting comments, etc. After the pumping, the cost of the page rises significantly, so it can be sold profitably. The cost of an empty account with minimal content and history is rarely more than 10-20 rubles, the price of a promoted group starts from 5-10 thousand rubles. However, it all depends on popularity, reach, number of real subscribers and other individual characteristics;
  • the publication of advertising links to sites, blogs, social networks or online stores, which will also be financially rewarded. You can place several ad formats per day, receiving more than 500 rubles. for each post;
  • wrapping work. We are talking about performing various actions: likes, reposts, adding comments, subscribing, and others. You will search for cheat orders, complete tasks and receive from 1 to 10 rubles for each action, which depends on the level of difficulty. Purchased Facebook accounts will pay off after several completed tasks, which will allow you to immediately reach a net profit.

There are a lot of ways to make money, so you can easily find directions that will help you get a stable income without leaving your home. After choosing the direction, be sure to use a proxy, install a multi-browser and determine the strategy of work. You can start small, gradually increase the amount of work, and also start promoting your own business or personal brand, but with minimal investment.

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What are proxies, why should they be used to work with FB accounts?

If you do not want the purchased Facebook accounts to be blocked, then it is worth purchasing and using a proxy. The latter are an intermediate server, they allow you to ensure security when working with a large number of accounts. The actions of users who use proxies are perceived by the social network as real, not automated.

In matters of using proxy servers, it is necessary to observe the golden mean, or rather the formula: 1 account – one proxy. Let’s consider the main types of proxies that can be used to work with Facebook accounts:

  • free.The most affordable view that you can use for free without any restrictions. However, they have a number of significant disadvantages, the first is public availability, because such proxies are used by several dozen or even hundreds of users. Using free proxies is tantamount to working without them, so they are only suitable for accounts that have no value;
  • paid individual.The safest type of proxy that allows you to become the owner of an individual IP address. Making a choice in favor of such proxies, you can use one IP to work with 2-3 accounts. Please note that you will receive a personal address that is inaccessible to other users, which guarantees the maximum protection of accounts from blocking;
  • package paid.Suitable for batch work with accounts, however, they will be used by other users. The security level is higher than that of free proxies, but much lower compared to individual proxies;
  • mobile.Safe and suitable for launching actions with a large number of accounts. The secret lies in the fact that the IP addresses of mobile operators change very often, and the requests made from them are recognized by the social network as actions of real people.

When evaluating proxy servers by the level of security, individual solutions should be put in the first place. The second place is taken by mobile proxies, the third – by package proxies, and free options are at the bottom of the rating.

The bulk of proxy servers ensure the anonymity of the session, while mobile ones demonstrate that a real person is logging on to the network.

The date, address, time zone and other data are visible, which leave no doubt that the Internet surfing is not performed by a bot. Another plus in favor of mobile proxies is the usual traffic for social networks, because more than 60% of users enter FB from smartphones and tablets.

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Do you need a multi-browser?

A multi-browser is a modern solution for professionals who use a large number of accounts at the same time. The principle of operation is that the browser allows you to stay on the same site, but using different IP addresses. Each open tab has individual internal indicators:

  • proxy server;
  • cookies;
  • user-agent.

Multi-browsers are endowed with the following features that are required by users involved in multi-accounting:

  • saving a list of proxies and other data for at creator;
  • simple control for buyers ;
  • automation of a number of actions in open tabs;
  • reusable saving of sessions and their further resumption;
  • high level of protection against tracking, implemented through innovative technology;
  • stable engine that prevents errors, data loss, slow loading and other problems.

Multi-browsers are distributed for a fee, the cost of a perpetual subscription is about 20$.

They can be used on desktop and mobile devices without fear of blocking and exposure.

Massliking and mass following: what is it, what role does it play in promotion on FB?

Massliking and mass following are tools that are used to increase the number of subscribers on social networks. They are most often used on Instagram, but they are also suitable for Twitter, FB VPA, and other social platforms:

  • massliking.The technology lies in the mass placement of likes. You must first buy Facebook accounts that will be used for work;
  • mass following.You will be mass subscribing to representatives of your target audience in order to attract the maximum amount of attention.

These tools belong to the shadow promotion methods, but they are highly effective and bring instant results. Users who have received a like or a follow-up are taken to a page, which can be the main page or the shadow page. In the latter case, we are talking about accounts, in the feed of which links to the main page or site are attached.

Many users will ignore the offer, but some will be interested in what will bring the project new free clients, subscribers and traffic.

Accounts that are used to place likes and followings can be banned in two cases: exceeding the limits of a social network or complaints from regular users.

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In order to avoid blocking, it is recommended to use cheap Facebook accounts rather than the main page. To improve the efficiency of work, you need to prepare the main page well:

  • regularly add fresh posts relevant to your personal profile or business page;
  • complete the full content of the main page, indicating contact information, location and other information;
  • wind up subscribers, because pages with a solid number of friends / followers inspire more trust than empty profiles;
  • do not forget to supplement posts with hashtags that increase trust, and also lead additional free users interested in content, service, product to the page;
  • use high-quality photos and videos, supplement your profile with reviews from real customers;
  • be sure to include a link to the main site if you are promoting not only a page on social networks, but also an online store, blog, business card and other types of resources.

It is recommended that you draw up a content plan in advance, as well as choose additional tools for free promotion:

  • creating a grid of relevant hashtags;
  • using popular geotags;
  • formation of a schedule for posting;
  • conclusion of agreements with page owners who are ready to launch cross-advertising;
  • motivational post additions, thanks to which users will actively leave comments, likes and subscriptions.

Using accounts that are supplemented with a link to the main page, you can enter into disputes under the posts of large groups and blogs. Another solution is to publish spam comments, as well as launch mass mailing through an internal messenger.

The promotion technology depends on the goals that you want to achieve with the launched campaign.

The more complete and relevant the main page is, the more users you can attract with the help of likes and subscriptions. The work can be done manually or using the programs listed below.

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Can Facebook actions be automated?

When working with a large number of FB accounts, you will face a problem: manual actions take a huge amount of time and effort. Special software will help to optimize the process, which is distributed for a fee, but has a fairly democratic cost.

Of course, you can refuse to buy accounts and software, making a choice in favor of real users. However, this approach is fraught with risks, because users can enter the page using direct links, and not through a search, write inappropriate comments or perform massive actions, followed by blocking. Using professional software, you will be in control of the situation and manage a huge number of accounts. At the moment, there are several programs available that have a good reputation and provide optimization of the multi-accounting technology: Apental, Metal, FB Liker, BroBot, FbSender, and others. The software, depending on the type of program, is endowed with the following capabilities:

  • performing bulk mailings;
  • gathering audiences;
  • automation of the process of cheating reposts and other types of actions;
  • deleting friends when the limit is reached;
  • search for posts, comments, friends, etc .;
  • automatic distribution of invites;
  • Automation when working with a business manager (bm)
  • like friends, comments, possible friends, users on the list, etc .;
  • auto-acceptance of friend requests, other types of actions.

The software provides maximum automation of promotion, and also significantly reduces the cost of this process. Having bought Facebook PVA accounts, you can use paid programs, as well as make a choice in favor of demo versions and free software – start from the number of accounts, individual requirements and other features. Please note that the software not only automates actions, but also allows you to comply with the limits of the social network. You can set time intervals to prevent a ban from being imposed.

Who should buy Facebook accounts?

Buying FB accounts is a universal solution for representatives of all business areas. You can use accounts for the following tasks:

  • increased activity on business pages, in groups, personal blogs;
  • sending spam messages that will attract the maximum amount of attention to the commercial offer;
  • the use of shadow schemes to reduce the cost of the promotion process;
  • registration in mail services, applications, etc. By purchasing inexpensive Facebook accounts, you can register on popular sites in a few clicks;
  • promotion of events, goods, services in a short time with a minimum budget.

We have indicated the main opportunities, but there are more of them – the list is formed on the basis of the goals and objectives of the project. Ready-made Facebook accounts can be used by owners of online stores and business card sites, blogs on third-party resources, traffic arbitrageurs, owners of personal brands and other user groups who want to maximize the effectiveness of low-cost advertising campaigns.


buy facebook account cheap, creator, credits with paypal

Account classification

The assortment of the online store includes different profiles that you can purchase at an affordable price. The classification is carried out according to two main characteristics:

  • method of creating / obtaining access;
  • individual characteristics.

Speaking about individual characteristics, it is worth mentioning:

  • registration date. The older the account, the better;
  • the country to which the link is made. The most popular are Russian, Ukrainian, American, Belarusian accounts that have a stable credit of trust;
  • the presence of filling. It can be an avatar, minimal profile content (name, gender, date of birth, etc.). The better the content, the higher the cost of the accounts;
  • floor. There are female and male accounts available, so you can choose the ones that meet the basic requirements of the business and the campaign being run.

The age classification has an internal division:

  • new regions. Such accounts may have been created a couple of days ago. They practically have no credit of trust, are considered the most vulnerable when it comes to shady promotion schemes;
  • with resting. More reliable accounts that have gone through a short or long term maturity period after registration. The latter can be either 3 days or half a year – this parameter affects the cost. Accounts that have been checked are less susceptible to blocking;
  • with history. Most trusted accounts that have a history of interactions with a social network. Story means posts, likes, comments, adding friends and other actions. If there are many actions, then the PVA account has a certain level of trust and decent protection against blocking (even if the limits are slightly exceeded).

The completeness of filling out can be attributed to the presence of a phone number or email address that are tied to the account and give it an additional credit of trust:

  • activated. Such accounts went through the activation procedure, for example, they were confirmed by phone or email address (depending on the age and the period during which the activation was performed);
  • not activated. There is no link to a number or email, but after purchasing an account, you can complete it yourself if the need arises.

The last parameter is the creation method or method that was used to gain access. Accounts can be created by suppliers:

  • self-registers. FB accounts are registered manually, proxies and other tools are used that prevent blocking;
  • author registers. Accounts are registered in bulk using special programs. During automatic check-in, the rules are also followed, so you don’t have to worry about security.

Self-registers and auto-registers imply constant access. They have one owner, who receives authorization data immediately after payment, and also disposes of the account at his own discretion. There is another group of accounts – those that were accessed using shadow schemes:

  • with a fake. These are accounts that can have a good history, high trust, and an old registration. They are accessed through fake sites that completely copy the design of the FB social network. Other fake pages may be used, however, the account owner independently enters the username, password and other access data;
  • accounts without owners (retreats). They have a long maturation period, it is possible that they have a completed profile and history. The owners do not use such accounts for long or forget about them immediately after registering. Access can be obtained using shady technologies; Facebook accounts are often sold by their owners. Retrieves are the most reliable and stable because they have a good trust. In some cases, the owners do not even remember usernames and passwords, so they rarely try to restore access after hacking;
  • brute accounts. They have a low level of security, so access to them can be easily opened using password pickers. Accounts are distinguished by a rich history of actions, the presence of friends and other attractive characteristics, however, they have a short life cycle from the moment of hacking to blocking / restoring access by the owner. The latter can return the account using a mobile phone number and technical support, so brute-based accounts are best used for short-term shadow actions: sending spam through an internal messenger, posting spam comments, and others.


facebook dating account and user data

When choosing an account, be sure to determine the requirements that you put forward to it. For spontaneous mailings and work with spam, brute profiles and fake options are ideal, but more than 40% of their owners will try to restore access within a few days. If you want to buy inexpensive Facebook accounts with high trust for promotion or advertising, then pay attention to autoregions, self-registers and retreats. Having a completed profile, friends, old registration and history automatically increases the price of a Facebook account, but it will serve you for a long time.

Online store of inexpensive Facebook accounts –

When deciding to buy cheap Facebook accounts for promotion, spam, cheating, agency, attracting friends and solving other problems, you can contact our online store. We are a trusted account provider that has gained trust and leadership in its field. We carry out independent creation and verification of accounts, ensure the validity of accounts and cooperate with major suppliers. We make every effort to ensure that you have the opportunity to buy FB accounts at a low price with guaranteed quality.

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