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Why should you buy Twitter (X) accounts?

Twitter Is a very popular social network that allows you to publish short public messages. In fact Twitter is an microblogging with support for additional functions. Many companies underestimate Twitter, but in vain, because it allows you to quickly collect an audience and subscribers. This social network plays an important role in matters related to online earnings, increasing brand loyalty, and business development. Our online store offers a huge selection accounts Twitter that will help you achieve any of your goals - from making a profit to collecting targeted subscribers.

  1. 10 benefits of a social network Twitter you should know about
  2. How to create account Twitter?
  3. What and how to write in Twitter?
  4. Why might Twitter block your account?
  5. Who should use accounts Twitter?
  6. How to attract subscribers to Twitter?
  7. Why is it necessary to unwind accounts Twitter?
  8. Information about limits on actions in Twitter
  9. How to buy a promoted account Twitter safely?
  10. What factors influence the price accounts Twitter?
  11. Pros of buying accounts in the online store Accounts–Store
  12. How to choose accounts Twitter?
  13. How to buy twitter accounts at
  14. Why is it worth making a choice in favor of cooperation with Accounts–Store?

Twitter allows you not only to publish notes, the length of which is 280 characters, but also to exchange SMS (charged by the operator), comments, quick personal messages. The audience of the social network reaches 328 million people a month, more than 55% of traffic comes from mobile devices. By the way, there are mobile and desktop version, the latter is used by more than 40%users. In the audience Twitter dominated by mature users who are interested not only in photos or jokes, but also in news, useful information, tweets famous people.

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The service allows you to attract subscribers, put likes, correspond and direct video broadcasts. The main plus Twitter lies in its openness, here ordinary people, show business stars, athletes and other media personalities communicate and discuss without any problems. Via Twitter build advertising and even election campaigns, disseminate news and other information that immediately becomes hot. Short tweets, supplemented by videos or pictures, are easily perceived and quickly remembered, therefore comparing favorably with the usual long articles inblogsand social networks.Tweetscan be supplemented with links, but the latter will have to be shortened using an internal service. Another powerful tool is relevant hashtags that help attract the attention of thousands of users to your publication.

People who decided to buy old active accounts Twitter, must learn to express their thoughts not only briefly, but also clearly. You will have to put a deep meaning in 280 signs, there is no place for understatement here. Twitter a special principle of forming a feed of posts is applied, which takes into account the requirements and desires of ordinaryusers. Using Twitter as a tool for promoting your business, you need to remember that the materials posted on this social network are often cited by authoritative online publications andbloggers. Twitter has long ceased to be a place where ordinary people share their thoughts users, because the social network allows you to:

  • communicate with customers via comments and internal messages;
  • accept complaints and wishes from customers, subscribers, etc.;
  • advertise new services and products;
  • notify the audience about the range update;
  • drive good traffic to the main site;
  • tell about important events, share publications;
  • share information using social media buttons added to the main site;
  • profit from the publication of advertising posts and other actions. You can work with accounts that have different popularity, number of tweets and followers.

You can find out more information about Twitter on Wikipedia

Well developed accoun tthe company is capable of replacing a large staff of online consultants and technical support. Of course, the popularity of the social network comes with an increase in the value of the accounts. If you choose a good way to earn remotely, you can buy and promote accounts Twitter for further resale. We will tell you about all this in more detail.

10 benefits of a social network Twitter (X) you should know about

  1. Everything on Twitter is simple and concise, but this is the main highlight. If users liked the topic of a short publication, then they will definitely follow the attached link, which will attract useful traffic to the site.
  2. The main audience is adults who are financially and career-wise. The audience is represented by literate and, which is extremely important for business, solvent users.
  3. A wide variety of content that you can use to add meaning to your tweet, from images to videos.
  4. High speed of information dissemination achieved thanks to the retweet system. A post from a popular account can be spread by ordinary users and made viral within 5-10 minutes.
  5. Twitter is a great platform for communicating with customers. You can collect feedback, discuss working moments, create polls and present new products.
  6. It is believed that Twitter is the network used by American users, but this judgment is erroneous. About 79% of accounts are used outside the US, and the average audience age is 18-29 (37%) and 30-49 (25%). More than 50% of users have a high average monthly income, so Twitter is one of the best platforms for business development.
  7. Working on Twitter allows you to make new friends, promote offers or services outside your home country. By the way, this social network is very popular in Brazil, Mexico and Japan.
  8. Creating short tweets with videos, photos or links does not require serious financial investments. Therefore, maintaining an account will be cheap, which makes this channel attractive in terms of benefits.
  9. Twitter offers users a variety of tools to customize ads.
  10. There are ample opportunities for account monetization through advertising, recommendation tweets and other effective methods.

If you want to use a social network for work, you can buy in a few clicks accounts Twitter. They can be old, new, with followers, history, etc.

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Let's compare the benefits of Twitter with other popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram

Active audience 330 million users 2.8 billion users 1.3 billion users
Main Content Format Text messages, photos and videos Text, photo and video Photo and video
Content openness Public and private accounts Private accounts, groups Private accounts
Hashtag Features Popular and trending topics Marketing Campaigns Search by hashtags
Communication Open conversations and retweets Chats and comments Comments and messages
News and information Fast News Spread News feed Newsline
Influence and advertising Influential users, advertising Advertising campaigns Advertising and sponsored posts
Audience activity Active discussion of events Interaction with friends Visual interaction
Business benefits Direct access to the audience, analytics Targeted advertising Visual Marketing

How to create account Twitter (X)?

A user can register for free from anywhere in the world. Registration in Twitter performed step by step, consider everything in more detail:

  • you can register on the official Twitter website or using the mobile application. The latter can be downloaded from Google Play (for Android devices) or the App Store (iOS, Microsoft Windows);
  • during registration, you must indicate your name, phone number or e-mail address (optional);
  • read the rules of the service, after which you can complete the registration;
  • a code will be sent to the phone or e-mail, which must be entered in the field, confirming the registration;
  • you need to set a password, after which you will be transferred to your account.

After completing the registration, you need to fill account:

  • photo, short description of the user;
  • selection of interesting topics;
  • connection of notifications.

All these sections, if you wish, can be skipped; specifying accurate information about yourself is not a prerequisite. Additionally, you will need to confirm your phone number or email, which depends on the type of data entered during registration. Registered users can create a group, for the promotion of the latter we recommend buying accounts Twitter(empty or with subscribers).

What and how to write in Twitter (X)?

Publications can be of any nature, the social network does not limit its users in self-expression or promotion of services. Tweets you can add:

  • information about ongoing promotions;
  • information about updating the catalog;
  • latest news;
  • video broadcasts(using the Periscope app);
  • funny pictures with short captions;
  • your reflections or the company's opinion on specific events;
  • links to blog articles, video reviews and other content posted on an external resource.

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Quality tweets reputation of links, attractiveness of images influence popularity or unpopularity account. Please note that in tweets you can add pictures, videos and GIF-files, links and other types of additional content. Don't forget about hashtags that will help you attract new subscribers. Get involved hashtags not worth it, 2-3 labels are the optimal solution, but they must be relevant. Experts agree that the links posted in Twitter, have a positive effect on the visibility and position of the main site in the search engines. Therefore, business owners can safely order the placement of links in popular accounts, and account holders - to make money on it.

Why might Twitter (X) block your account?

Social network Twitter fights unnatural methods cheat, however, more attention is paid to the culture of communication between users and the requirements put forward for quality and meaning content. For example, accountmay bebannedin the following cases:

  • the user is fond of likes and mass following, aimed at attracting the attention of users;
  • the owner of the account regularly insults and threatens other users;
  • fraudulent activities were detected, account hacking;
  • posting tweets that promote violence, extremism, fraudulent schemes;
  • sending spam and user complaints.

We have provided a small list of violations that can lead to temporary, partial or complete blocking. It should be said that the social network is very loyal towrapping, and advertising posts, and even conflicts between users, so you need to make some effort to get blocking. If the profile was still blocked, then you can contact technical support or buy a new one account Twitter with live subscribers by selecting it in our online store.

Who should use accounts Twitter (X)?

Several years ago, this social network began to gradually lose its leading position, Facebook and Instagram. However, the news stream that arose during the last election campaign in the United States again returned Twitter popularity. Presently accountson this social network have:

  • popular bloggers;
  • media personalities;
  • political figures;
  • large and small online stores;
  • paid and free classifieds boards;
  • news resources;
  • musical groups;
  • tour operators;
  • recruiting agencies, etc.

Popularity Twitter grows like a snowball, the network allows you to cope and control a huge information flow. The social network is an ideal platform for distributing trends, hot news, advertisements of events and discussion of the current political situation. Millions of users come here every day to quickly view the feed and get information about current events. Twitter publish not only news, but also information about fashion, various jokes and gags. Heterogeneous content allows you to attract to the social network users of different age, gender, social status.

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How to attract subscribers to Twitter (X)?

Talking about which account buy for work in Twitter it is worth considering the most popular ways to attract followers. If we are talking about a private user who wants to collect a solid amount followers then the following methods are worth mentioning:

  • active participation in heated discussions;
  • mutual likes, subscriptions and retweets;
  • presentable profile design;
  • posting interesting tweets that you want to discuss;
  • posting tweets at a time when a potential target audience logs into a social network. Morning prime time - until 9:00, evening - 18: 00-22: 00, although it all depends on the preferences of the followers, their age and gender;
  • control of the number of tweets. 20-30 tweets per day is a lot and resembles spam, 5-7 is excellent, 3-4 tweets per day is optimal when it comes to an account with a developed audience;
  • mandatory addition of hashtags. You can add 1-2 tags on the topic and another 1-2 that are in trend at the moment. Please note that hashtags must be semantic. The presence of unnecessary tags can alienate users and cause distrust.

If time for manual wrapping no, and the natural attraction of users does not bring the expected result, then it is advisable to use a special software or ask for help from specialized services. You can apply SMMplanner, Twidium, VTopeand other tools that will help to achieve the desired result in a short time. Services for deferred postingand other actions allow:

  • significantly save the time of the SMM manager;
  • set precise settings, do not violate the limits;
  • publish at a time that is convenient for the target audience.

Services will help increase activity, attract followers and solve other strategic tasks. Remember that when working with a large number of accounts necessary:

  • use rented proxy servers, otherwise, Twitter may recognize unnatural activity and multiple accounts by imposing a ban. When choosing a proxy, you should take into account the fact that they are paid and free. Of course, the former are less reliable than the latter. They distinguish public proxies, which cannot guarantee anonymity and security, and individual ones, which have a higher price and excellent anonymity indicators. The optimal solution is mobile proxies to avoid sanctions from the social network;
  • use a multi-browser, which allows you to work on Twitter from different profiles. Multi-browsers use special plugins, so the social network will not be able to detect the presence of a proxy. Each tab functions independently, has its own history, cookie, IP address. This is convenient for people who work on multiple accounts at the same time.

A set of additional tools and proxy will allow you to spin safely, quickly and efficiently accounts Twitter. Such methods can be resorted to SMM specialists, private users and others users that are focused on quick results. Buy ready-made accounts Twitter you can visit our online store, we will also tell you about other ways to help automate your work.

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Why is it necessary to unwind accounts Twitter (X)?

Professional promotion accounts both large agencies and privat eusers who want to make money on further resale. Hyped account Twitter having followers, tweets, activity history, you can monetize using a variety of advertising tools. Please note that the cost of an advertising post depends on the popularity of the page, the number of people who read it, as well as the topic.

A good solution for making money is to use accounts to complete tasks for likes, comments, retweets different types of targeted actions. Account with a popular topic and a stable audience, it is able to bring its owner a high passive income. For example, the price of an advertising publication in account a media personality can exceed 200 thousand rubles. Of course, a novice user will have to work at lower prices, but as the promotion progresses, they will start to increase. The funds that you invest in the purchase accounts Twitter, you can quickly multiply by choosing the best way monetization and earnings.

Information about limits on actions in Twitter (X)

For users who use automatic and manual methods of promotion, the information regarding the limits is of interest. In 2020, the limits on actions in Twitter the following:

  • personal messages - 1000 per day, when this mark is reached, the user receives a special notification;
  • tweets (retweets are counted as tweets) - 2400 per day, there are additional time slots;
  • readable (read limit) - 400 users per day. For authentic account holders (with a check mark), this limit has been extended to 1000 per day;
  • read (account) - 5000. This measure is aimed at combating aggressive reading, the number can be increased based on the characteristics of the account;
  • change of email address - no more than 4 times per hour.

Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of using social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from a business point of view:

Parameter Twitter Facebook Instagram
The target audience Mostly professional users Diverse audience of all ages Youth and visually oriented audiences
Audience Engagement Active discussion of events and news Various interactions: likes, comments, reposts Focus on visual content and stories
Advertising opportunities Promotion through tweets and hashtags Targeted advertising with broad targeting Advertising in stories and photo ads
Analytics Tweet and audience analysis Detailed reports and page statistics Key metrics for business accounts
Advantages Rapid dissemination of information Wide range of targeted advertising options Strong visual impact
Flaws Character limit in tweets Complex news feed algorithm Limited functionality for business

There are no limits on the number of comments and likes, so these tools can also be used for promotion. In any case, you need to control the situation, study the current information about the limits, and also determine them in the course of work. Twitter does not recommend:

  • add readable ones in bulk, and then delete them;
  • chaotically add readable ones that have neither semantic nor thematic similarity;
  • promote third-party sites and programs that promise to boost activity.

In all these cases, the action account may be suspended. Blocked accounts removed from the number of subscribers.

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How to buy a promoted account Twitter (X) safely?

If you want to buy account Twitter in 2022, you must take a responsible approach to the choice of the seller. The fact is that accounts today they are sold everywhere: free message boards, social networks, thematic forums. However, you cannot trust the first seller you come across, because you can become a victim of a fraudulent scheme. For example, you agree on a purchase, transfer money, but the access data to account Twitter don't get it. You can become an owner invalid account or one that doesn't meet expectations. For example, it will lack followers, real tweets etc. Another disadvantage of working with private sellers is that they can provide a small amount of accounts which is inconvenient.

You can buy valid accounts Twitter in our online store by selecting them in the catalog. We offer:

  • female and male accounts with different registration dates;
  • accounts registered from different parts of the world;
  • accounts with followers, content, fresh tweets;
  • empty accounts that you can use for both manual and automatic wrapping.

When choosing account consider the method you used to create it. The most reliable and stable profiles are those created using manual or automatic registration. In the first case, the registration is performed by a real person, in the second - a special program. Once created, these groups accounts kept for a certain period, the period of which is up to 6-12 months. Such accounts Twitter can be used for any task, the main one is wrapping activity per page or quantity followers.

What factors influence the price accounts Twitter (X)?

Market accounts Twitter stable, the cost of profiles depends on the date of registration, as well as quality characteristics. For example empty account created using a special program will cost 7 rubles. The situation is different with a promoted account that has readers published tweets, design and content. In this case, the cost will depend on the quantity and quality  followers(real, bots), topics, the presence or absence of access to mail, to which account tied. In the online store Accounts-Store you can buy any kind accounts Twitter, focusing on the requirements, budget and tasks that need to be solved.

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Pros of buying accounts in the online store Accounts-Store

Accounts-Store the largest online store in Internet which offers its customers a wide choice accounts for a variety of tasks. You can buy cheap from us accounts Twitter as well as accounts Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte other. There are always profiles of mail services, dating sites, questionnaires, otzoviks, messengers, popular forums, etc. By contacting us, you can purchase any types of accounts that you can use form as liking and mass following, business promotion, monetization, remote earnings.

How to choose accounts Twitter (X)?

Scroll accounts which you can buy right now are presented on this page. The choice of accounts is large, it will satisfy the requirements of any client. If you do not know which profiles you need to make money or develop your business, then be sure to contact our manager to get full advice and assistance.

Before buying, be sure to look at the product card, open the "Characteristics" section, which can provide the following information:

  • account gender (male, female);
  • country of registration (Ukraine, Russia, others);
  • average age and approximate number of followers;
  • purpose (work, for spam, other purposes);
  • number of posts, tweets, content and other data.

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The specifics of the description depends on the typeaccount, after purchase, be sure to check the accounts for consistency. Please note that we replace profiles in several cases:

  • purchased Twitter accounts are not valid;
  • the account does not match the description posted on the Accounts — Store site.

If you find one of the above problems, you can contact us to request a prompt replacement accounts. We can also return the money to you - we make all decisions on an individual basis, taking into account the user's requirements.

How to buy twitter (X) accounts at

Purchase account Twitter Accounts-Store is performed according to the following scheme:

  • go to the section with the accounts you want to buy. From us you can purchase accounts of Twitter, Avito, YouTube, other services and social networks;
  • read the description of the profiles, if they suit you, then just add them to the shopping cart. You can buy one or 100 accounts. The best part is that you will be saving by buying more. The size of the discount may exceed 50%;
  • enter your e-mail address, check the correctness of the entered data and the volume of the product added to the cart;
  • Select a Payment Method. We accept different types of payments: popular electronic payment systems, mobile operators, bitcoins, etc .;
  • make a payment, after which it will be automatically issued.

Your email address will be sentloginand password. Additional information may be provided, depending on the features and type of purchased accounts: creation date, link to profile, others. After receiving the data, you should check:

  • profile validity;
  • account for compliance with the description;
  • operability of access data (login, password, etc.).

In case of problems, questions, comments, be sure to write to us. We provide support to customers around the clock, we accept requests online. You can contact the manager through social networks, messengers and other active channels.

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Why is it worth making a choice in favor of cooperation with Accounts-Store?

The online store has an excellent reputation and a wide range of customers. We protect the rights and interests of our clients in any situation. Accounts-Store has a lot of advantages:

  • We provide a lifetime warranty for all types of accounts that you can purchase from us;
  • we independently create accounts, as well as cooperate with large and small sellers;
  • we provide secure transactions and payment for orders;
  • we use automatic delivery of orders, which eliminates errors or delays;
  • We provide our customers with excellent technical support, informing them about changes in limits, rules of work, etc.

In the online store you will receive high discounts that are available for each of our clients. There are several types of discounts:

  • 2-20% discount when buying a large number of accounts. Calculated automatically, stable;
  • promotions, during which the cost of accounts is reduced by 50%.

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If you want to know more about the discount, get an individual discount for a large wholesale order or clarify the details of cooperation, then be sure to contact the manager of the online store Accounts-Store!