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Why should you buy TikTok accounts?

TikTok is a popular video creation and viewing service developed under the auspices of a Beijing-based company. The service is mainly used by the generation of zoomers and millennials – active young people who are attracted to everything new. TikTok accounts are created by media personalities: actors, singers, blogging stars, etc. The audience is very diverse, which opens up wide opportunities for business promotion and content monetization. If you want to start earning money using this service, then buying Tik-Tok accounts will help you. You can buy TikTok accounts with or without subscribers by selecting the appropriate options in our online store.

  1. What is TikTok, and why should you use it to earn money?
  2. 16 reasons to buy a TikTok account
  3. Who should buy TikTok accounts with live subscribers?
  4. Features of working in TikTok
  5. How does it all work?
  6. How do I promote my account in TikTok?
  7. Why can I get banned from TikTok?
  8. Why you should buy a TikTok account with subscribers: earning money in the service
  9. Duets
  10. Music
  11. Advertisement
  12. Third-party affiliate programs
  13. Selling accounts
  14. Earning money on actions
  15. Live broadcast
  16. Shoutout for money
  17. Cross-promotion
  18. Ways to promote your account in TikTok and limits
  19. How do I choose TikTok accounts?
  20. Which TikTok accounts can I buy?
  21. Where can I buy TikTok accounts for advertising and with live subscribers?
  22. Why should I buy TikTok accounts in the online store Accounts-Store?

What is TikTok, and why should you use it to earn money?

The TikTok service is one of the most popular in the world, with more than 800 million registered users from China, Russia, the United States and other countries. During the day, the service is visited by more than 40 million users, it ranks 7th in the list of the most popular in the world. A wide audience allows you to work with users from different countries, which ensures high coverage and recognition. The user’s feed is formed based on their interests. For example, if a user regularly watches videos with animals or dances, then this content will dominate their feed. This means only one thing: the created and uploaded videos will be seen by interested users.

To get started with the service, you need to download the mobile app. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play. Please note that TikTok accounts can be created by users who are over the age of thirteen. In Russia, the majority of the service’s audience is women and teenagers aged 25-34 and 13-17, respectively.

The standard video length is 15 seconds. You can upload videos with a duration of 60 seconds, but only if they are not supplemented with music. The polarity of TikToks is determined precisely by the content capacity, because modern teenagers love short videos. The app has a video editor that allows you to apply masks, music, and perform other actions that help you bring the video to life without having to leave the app. A feed that adapts to your interests, a simple interface, a wide range of functionality, and a combination of the characteristics of VKontakte, Instagram, and other popular apps make TikTok a leader in the youth content market.

16 reasons to buy a TikTok account

  1. The ability to attract a huge amount of traffic with short videos.
  2. Free use, because the app is freely available in content stores for smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.
  3. A wide range of video formats is available, so it’s easy to find the closest and most understandable niche.
  4. The audience is friendly and sociable, which provides new subscribers and a large number of views, clicks on the main sites (using links in profiles).
  5. You can add links to your profile that will help redirect traffic to other social networks or to the website of a company, online store, or brand.
  6. Everything you need to create a video is collected in one app, so you just need to choose the appropriate video style to succeed.
  7. A huge audience that allows you to collect millions of views.
  8. The opportunity to promote your account and become popular not only in Russia, but also abroad.
  9. With the help of TikTok, not only adults earn money, but also teenagers.
  10. Buying low-cost TikTok accounts will help speed up the promotion process and attract followers.
  11. Extensive opportunities for automating the promotion process, which will strengthen your accounts and attract subscribers in a short time.
  12. Relative loyalty, because account owners who have made mistakes are temporarily, but not permanently, blocked.
  13. A large number of tools are available for quick and “legal” promotion-from duets to challenges.
  14. Promoting your account will help you promote your business, music tracks, products, and services.
  15. The audience is diverse, mostly teenagers, but there are also adults who are able to pay.
  16. There are a huge number of advertisers who want to collaborate with popular ticktokers.

Buying low-cost TikTok accounts with subscribers will open up access to a multi-million audience that is ready to communicate. A promoted account can be used not only for entertainment, but also for earning money. There are dozens of ways to quickly monetize a popular TikTok account. However, most monetization methods require a substantial number of followers, and the latter are one of the main problems of the service. The fact is that the TikTok audience is willing to watch videos, but they don’t actively subscribe to their accounts.

Another disadvantage is the low purchasing power due to age, so for a good income in TikTok, you need to cooperate with brands and companies that also require a large number of subscribers. Buying TikTok accounts with 1,000 subscribers and more will help solve this problem once and for all. Another argument for ready-made accounts with subscribers is the ability to conduct live broadcasts (from 1000 followers), during which you can advertise products or receive coins from viewers. Coins can be converted to real money and withdrawn to your account.

Who should buy TikTok accounts with live subscribers?

TikTok is filled with content by ordinary users who like to be creative and want to earn a little money. The service is also actively used by media personalities, representatives of brands and companies. Even today, large online stores, world-famous manufacturers, and bloggers order ads from popular ticktokers – there are a lot of marketing offers. Buying accounts with subscribers will appeal to users who don’t want to start promoting from scratch. A ready-made account that has at least 1000 followers and a small history is much easier to promote than a newly created one.

Recently, you can add a link to other resources in the profile header, which makes TikTok popular for traffic arbitrageurs, sellers, bloggers, manufacturers, as well as SMM specialists and marketers. You can add clickable links to Instagram and YouTube pages, as well as websites. At the same time, you can’t place clickable links under the video, but you can use text URLs that interested users can copy and add to the address bar. Representatives of the service have already announced the launch of targeted advertising, so new opportunities for Internet marketing will soon be added.

Features of working in TikTok

The main rule of working in TikTok is to always follow fashion trends. They change almost daily, so you need to track popular videos and develop something new. Secondary content repels TikTok users, so you won’t be able to copy other people’s best practices or imitate well-known bloggers.

In addition to followers, their actions are important, because if the account has 10,000 subscribers, and the video gets 1-2 thousand views, then this is a bad sign. You should also consider the following recommendations::

  • The TikTok service is very sensitive to fraud, so you should perform such work with extreme caution. If the scam is detected, the account will be banned.
  • the service’s audience is young, so you need to focus on their tastes and interests.
  • creativity rules the game in Tiktok. The more non-standard ideas are implemented in the video, the more views it will get.
  • the service’s audience is not very solvent, but there are enough advertisers who are willing to pay generously for bloggers ‘ services.
  • you can take part in challenges, record your reaction to someone else’s video, and use other tools that will ensure a natural promotion.

Earning money in Ticktok is a reality, not a myth, which is confirmed by the experience of numerous successful ticktokers. You can get bonuses from users (translated into cash), advertise brands, and promote accounts and sell them successfully – there are many monetization options, and you can combine them. Buying a promoted TikTok account will allow you to earn consistently high income. Keep in mind that since 2020, the service has disabled the official partner program, but this did not confuse users, because only bloggers with a million audience could take part in it.

The app’s functionality resembles the usual social networks, because you can subscribe to your favorite bloggers, put likes (the total number is indicated in the profile of each user), and post comments. The service is aimed at young people aged 14 to 21, which does not prevent brands and companies from successfully promoting their services. Here I publish cartoon announcements, presentation videos dedicated to various products, short ads, and much more.

How does it all work?

Bloggers working in TikTok put forward the theory that the service provides support to users whose account contains less than ten videos. If the number of videos passed this mark, but the account still didn’t get a rating (likes, subscribers, etc.), then promotion will move more slowly. For initial rapid promotion, you should use the following recommendations::

  • make videos that your audience likes. Before filling in the video, study trends, look at the profiles of popular users, and scroll through the feed – This approach will help you find a working topic.
  • take part in challenges that are held and updated regularly. Such videos are supplemented with a popular hashtag, which ensures a flow of traffic and a large number of views, as well as activity.
  • use hashtags for promotion, such as # want recommendations, # top, # rec# and others that demonstrate effectiveness in the first stages of promotion.
  • buy TikTok accounts with 1,000 subscribers, add a few videos, and start broadcasting live. They allow you to earn money, as well as attract new followers.

Don’t forget to use the potential of TikTok to redirect traffic to YouTube, Instagram, or the target site.

How do I promote my account in TikTok?

If you decide to buy TikTok accounts, you can use them to earn money or cheat. However, some accounts are not enough, because you need to pay attention to the development of the main channel that will be used to monetize content. Let’s look at some recommendations that will help you make your profile more popular and collect a large number of views:

  • focus on quality, not quantity. Try to post 5-7 videos a week, and don’t exceed the recommended placement limits, otherwise your account will be banned in the shadow.
  • choose your subject matter carefully. Don’t use shock content, violent scenes, or videos that involve children without adult supervision.
  • make a schematic content plan, because if videos stop being added, you risk losing your established audience.

When choosing a video format, you can use the following ideas::

  • create videos that reflect the reaction to someone else’s content.
  • The most popular are sketches that highlight the relationship between girls and boys, videos about funny interpretations of everyday situations, and other staged stories that are slightly positive in nature.
  • dance numbers that get a huge number of views. To work with this topic, you need a minimal ear for music and the ability to move to the music. Not only professional dances are popular, but also amateur ones. The latter can be single or group events.
  • challenge and accept challenges using the potential of challenges. Such videos quickly become viral, and thematic hashtags will attract the maximum amount of attention to the video.
  • pranks aimed at attracting a young audience. A prank is a short and harmless video clip that has a humorous character.
  • songs and dances to music collected in the service’s database. Sometimes challenges are launched by stars who present a new track. When working with music, do not forget to apply various effects to the video, which will make it more vivid and lively.

Before choosing an idea, study the content of popular ticktokers, view interest feeds, as well as instructions and recommendations from well-known bloggers. When working with TikTok, keep in mind that this is not YouTube, where you can post videos of any length. In the 15-60-second time frame, you need to put the beginning and ending, because the audience will not perceive the video without meaning.

Why can I get banned from TikTok?

The use of unnatural methods of cheating is one of the reasons why your account may be subject to a shadow ban. It is preceded by penalties that will cause the video clip to be deleted. The three deletions are followed by a shadow ban, a blocking method that stops videos from being displayed in the feed, and about 85% of subscribers don’t see them. The following actions may cause fines and bans::

  • abruptly changing the subject of your account.If you have been working on a narrow topic for several months and then abruptly changed it, your account may be blocked. This should be taken into account if you bought a ready-made TikTok account for advertising, promotion, and other tasks.
  • using a large number of hashtags.The maximum number is nine, but it is better to focus on 3-5 tags.
  • using someone else’s content.We are talking about music, stills from movies or other people’s videos, and other types of content. If there is a need to use someone else’s video, then it should occupy no more than 30% of your video.
  • uploading content that violates the laws and rules of the service.Of course, you can’t post 18+ videos, violent scenes, ads for weapons or alcohol, propaganda materials, and so on. However, you can get a shadow ban because of things that are practically harmless, such as toys in the form of a knife or something similar.
  • delete videos and re-fill them.If you uploaded a video, deleted it, edited it, and then uploaded it again, you may end up in the shadow. A one-time re-upload may not be the reason for the ban, but if you do it often, you can get sanctions.
  • excessive activity.We are talking about publishing videos frequently, for example, 15-20 times a day, increasing likes too quickly, or posting videos that have identical content.
  • swear words.Don’t use obscene words in the video, and also avoid tracks that contain them. The control of the mat in TikTok is very high, so you should be careful;
  • Don’t upload videos with children under the age of 13. Videos with children can be uploaded to the service, but only those with adults following the children. This algorithm is not very accurate, but you should not ignore it.

Of course, it is forbidden to insult users of the service. You can not engage in bullying, hating and other similar things. It is worth saying that it is very difficult to get out of the shadow ban. To do this, you do not need to visit or use your account for two weeks, which eliminates the previously achieved results. You can calculate the presence of a shadow ban based on simple “symptoms”: the number of pageviews drops sharply. The drop may be due to an uninteresting topic or an unsuccessful feed, but if the dynamics persist for several days if the video is constantly filled, then the reason should be looked for in the sanctions. If your account has the PRO status purchased before blocking, you can view statistics.

There are no ways to quickly exit the shadow ban. Most often, sanctions are lifted within 7-14 days, during which time you can follow one of the listed strategies:

  • create and upload new videos during the ban period. They will be seen by a small number of subscribers, but such content is created not for them, but to increase the loyalty of the service. Uploading a high-quality video that complies with the rules indicates that you are not a bot, have realized the error, and are creating up-to-date content.
  • create content for later. In this case, just create and save videos. After removing the lock, you will have content in stock for re-promotion and reviving your account. The method is not bad, but Ticktock trends change so quickly that in 1-2 weeks the video will simply be irrelevant.

To avoid blockages, follow the rules of the system, and also buy TikTok accounts with 1000 subscribers, which will allow you to stay afloat during the period of sanctions. Finally, let’s say that videos deleted by the system should never be re-uploaded – this approach will worsen the situation.

Why you should buy a TikTok account with subscribers: earning money in the service

Previously, the service had a similar affiliate program, but this type of monetization is currently suspended. However, there are other tools that we will discuss in a moment.


Duet – combined videos made by two different bloggers. They are popular and get a large number of views, and they allow you to monetize your account. In this case, the fashion blogger makes a video with a novice ticktoker who is willing to pay for this service. A similar scheme can be used to record a reaction to a video.


Using the tracks of novice artists is a good way to earn money for owners of promoted accounts. A blogger can make a video by putting a song on it, and then get a good fee, which depends on the customer’s ability to pay.

Ads can be ordered by microbloggers, online stores, coupon services, and other users and platforms. You can search for advertisers in thematic groups on social networks, as well as through Telegram channels. Such ads are recorded according to a script. Some customers trust ticktoker to create the script. The latter option is more preferable, because you don’t have to change the style of your videos. It should be noted that both microbloggers (up to 1-5 thousand subscribers) and millionaires can achieve success in earning money from advertising. Of course, the price will directly depend on the number of followers and views. A novice ticktoker with a small audience can be paid 300-500 rubles, while a popular influencer can be paid over 20 thousand rubles.

Third-party affiliate programs

TikTok does not have an official affiliate program, but it is available in large stores and companies. The blogger must find such companies, sign a cooperation agreement, and then attract users using an affiliate link. Advertising can be direct or native. In the latter case, the name of the customer’s company is mentioned or the logo flashes – it all depends on the task at hand. Payment for such ads may depend on the number of pageviews. In some cases, customers pay the blogger a fixed percentage of each completed transaction that was made using an affiliate link. Another option is to pay for goods, which is practiced by start-up companies.

You can advertise online stores, beauty salons, service stations, and mobile apps – anything that users can buy, order,or order. The amount of the fee, as in the case of advertising, depends on the number of views, the number of followers, and the overall reputation of the account. In the future, a blogger can get the status of a brand ambassador, which will ensure stable profit on advertising contracts.

Selling accounts

Many ticktokers are engaged in promotion on a professional level. They buy TikTok autoreg accounts, with a layup or 1000+ subscribers, fill them with content, stimulate activity, and then transfer them to the hands of a happy customer. They can promote neutral profiles or work on a specific topic specified by the future buyer. The cost of an account promoted for resale also depends on the number of subscribers, likes, and prospects for further monetization. For example, an account with 1,000 subscribers, likes, and 10-20 videos can be sold for 1,000 rubles or more. If the profile has 100,000 + subscribers, then its price will be 1 thousand dollars.

Earning money on actions

This type of earnings will not bring much income, but it becomes a good option for schoolchildren and people who are looking for a quick part-time job. It consists of completing tasks that can be searched for on specialized exchanges, in groups in social networks or Telegram channels. While completing tasks, you will need to like, leave a comment, upload a video with a specific hashtag, or watch someone else’s video to the end. The customer gets activity and views, and the performer gets 10-20 rubles per action, although the price may be lower.

Live broadcast

If you have promoted your profile or bought a TikTok account with 1000 subscribers, you can make good money on live broadcasts. This functionality is not available for users with fewer followers. The main purpose of the live broadcast is to receive coins from users who can buy internal currency in the service. Users do not transfer money directly to bloggers, but buy emojis or stickers for coins, which they then give to the streamer. The price of gifts varies, but the service charges a commission, so the blogger gets about 80% of the cost. One coin costs 0.5 cents, 200-1 dollar. You can withdraw your earned diamonds using PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount is about $ 10.

Live broadcasts are a slow way of monetization, because the audience of TikTok consists mainly of teenagers who do not have a high level of solvency. It can take weeks to collect the minimum amount for withdrawal, so bloggers use one interesting feature – advertising. Before the stream starts, they agree on cooperation with the brand, store, or individual interested in advertising. During the live broadcast, they unobtrusively promote the product, for which they receive a reward, the amount of which starts from 300 rubles. The more viewers and views, the higher the revenue will be.

Shoutout for money

The above advertising methods are relevant for businesses, and shouts are relevant for bloggers. Shoutout are a blogger’s mention in the feed, which allows you to redirect subscribers to their page. Recommendations are available for account owners who have more than 20-25 thousand real subscribers. The cost of advertising is fixed. Most often, it is calculated based on the number of followers. If you have 25 thousand subscribers, you can earn 3-5 thousand rubles on the recommendation. Shouts can have a native character or be expressed in the form of duets.


Popular bloggers who have pages in other social networks often use TikTok as a platform to attract traffic and new followers. For example, they shoot a video for TikTok, and then upload it to YouTube and Instagram, providing comprehensive coverage.

A huge number of ticktokers use the above monetization methods in a comprehensive manner. They conduct live broadcasts, attract traffic to third-party sites, sign contracts with brands and stores, and use affiliate links and duets. Some people specialize in promoting accounts for sale, while others manage other people’s pages. Ticktoker’s revenue depends on activity, business direction, experience, number of subscribers, and other factors. A blogger who works in TikTok on a full-time basis can earn more than $ 1 thousand within a month, but only if they are very active. The most stable way to earn money is to promote accounts for sale. If you want to start working with this direction, then charmingly buy ready-made accounts with subscribers, so as not to get blocked for mass registration.

Ways to promote your account in TikTok and limits

To promote your account, you can use standard tools that are familiar to us on Instagram – mass-liking and mass-following. There are several options available in the TikTok service:

  • placement of likes for videos that users liked.
  • publish comments under the video you like.
  • likes of comments;
  • reposts that allow you to share the video with other users, and so on.
  • subscribe to other users ‘ profiles.

During the day, you can subscribe to about 200 profiles, the daily limit of comments is about 500, and the likes of comments are about 5 thousand. TikTok implements the private messaging feature, but there are the following restrictions that the account owner sets::

  • messages can only be sent by subscribers.
  • messages can be sent by mutual subscribers (the addressee and sender are subscribed to each other).
  • no one can send the message. This feature is most often used by owners of promoted accounts who do not want to read messages from haters, fans, and advertisers.

Therefore, the service is not suitable for sending spam mailings. You can perform likes, subscriptions, comments, and other actions yourself by purchasing TikTok accounts for advertising, promotion, and monetization. Ready-made accounts with and without lie-down will provide high-quality results, but when working with them, do not forget to use multi-browsers and different IP addresses, otherwise you can not avoid a ban. Another good way to promote is to use software that will perform actions according to a given algorithm, and attract actions for money. In the latter case, real people who took the order on the exchange will like and watch the video.

The most popular promotion service is Tokker, which was launched not so long ago. There are tools that will allow you to quickly improve your account’s position. All actions are performed automatically, with virtually no user control required. The creators of the service promise to get a positive result in the first days after the launch of automatic actions. If you want to experience the potential of the service, you can use the free demo version. Other services are available:

  • TikTopFree for likes, subscriptions, and views.
  • VKTarget for likes, reposts, and subscriptions.
  • SMMyt for any actions.

When choosing a service, clearly outline the tasks, because Tokker does not post comments and does not increase views. TikTopFree does not make reposts or leave comments. You can only manage the service from your smartphone / tablet. The SMMyt service offers a wide range of features, a good pricing plan, and a wide range of actions.

How do I choose TikTok accounts?

If you want to buy TikTok accounts, then try to order them on trusted services. Buying accounts on forums, social networks, and Telegram channels is fraught with frustration:

  • the account does not meet the characteristics specified by the seller.
  • the profile is under a shadow ban, so you won’t be able to work properly.
  • the account is empty or unrealistic, so after transferring money, the seller simply disappears.

This is only a small part of fraudulent schemes, so buy accounts in trusted online stores that provide auto-issue, guarantee, and create profiles based on the service’s rules. We are talking about lying down, checking, using different social profiles and IP addresses during registration.

Which TikTok accounts can I buy?

The range of accounts is very wide, so clearly outline your requirements before choosing one. You can buy new accounts that were registered recently and are suitable for performing actions that slightly violate the service’s rules. If you want to post a large number of spam comments and put a lot of likes, then a cheap novoreg TikTok account is the best solution. When choosing a profile, be sure to pay attention to the age of registration, if you buy a promoted account – the number of subscribers, the total number of likes, the availability of opportunities for monetization and the theme, because it can not be changed dramatically. Keep in mind that all these characteristics have a direct impact on the price of your TikTok account. If you buy a new profile that was registered a couple of days ago, it may cost several rubles. TikTok accounts with 1,000 subscribers have a higher price, while the most expensive ones have content, followers, and more views.

Where can I buy TikTok accounts for advertising and with live subscribers?

A wide range of inexpensive TikTok accounts is available in the online store Accounts-Store. We are pioneers of the Russian multiaccounting market, offering users reliable accounts for work, promotion, advertising and other equally important activities. We monitor the quality of each account, use different IP addresses, and multi-browsers to create a proxy server – We do everything possible to improve security and reliability. You can buy TikTok accounts in just a few clicks:

  • select the appropriate accounts.There are always accounts with different registration terms, content and without it, as well as profiles of men and women of different ages. A large assortment will allow you to choose accounts for solving any tasks.
  • enter your email address.Please note that the address must be checked. If you enter incorrect data, we will not be able to provide support.
  • select the payment method.We accept transfers from e-wallets, bank cards, and mobile accounts – more than twenty payment methods have been implemented.
  • expect your accounts to arrive at the specified email address.Auto-delivery is performed, so you will receive the order immediately after funds are credited.

After receiving the TikTok accounts, be sure to check each account. If some of them do not meet the stated characteristics, we will perform the exchange or refund you the money. To resolve the situation as soon as possible, please contact technical support immediately after identifying the problem.

Why should I buy TikTok accounts in the online store Accounts-Store?

The best conditions for cooperation have been created for buyers and suppliers:

  • fast completion of transactions and automatic issuance of purchased accounts;
  • guaranteed protection of personal data of buyers and suppliers;
  • the best TikTok accounts that are not under the shadow ban and were created with the service’s rules in mind.
  • technical support for all issues related to the purchase and promotion of TikTok accounts.

Online store Accounts-Store is an honest and responsible seller who can guarantee the quality of accounts and quickly resolve all disputes. You can buy any number of accounts, because they are always available. If you still have questions or want to buy accountsPlease contact us via instant messengers, by phone or an online consultant!