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Google Accounts are real user accounts that allow access to all Google services. Using one account, the user gets the opportunity to be active on the YouTube video hosting service, work with the free Gmail mail service and business tools, download games and other types of content from Google Play, and pass quick authorization in social networks. Of course, we have listed only a small part of all the features, but buying Google accounts will be the best solution for people who are engaged in SMM marketing, are gamers, want to earn money from cheating and have a need to solve other problems.

What are Google Accounts?

The Google search engine is used by billions of users from different countries. In 2018, Google surpassed Yandex in popularity in the Russian Internet segment, this search engine covers about 60% of the global market. Google places contextual and other types of advertising, users keep text and video blogs, use cloud data storage, and tools that allow you to work with documents online.

Google accounts open up limitless opportunities for users, because they can be used for business, training, and entertainment. Let’s take a look at the most popular additional services:

  • YouTube,designed for posting and viewing videos, advertising, communicating, and promoting businesses. It will appeal to bloggers, owners of companies, websites, online stores, and those who want to earn money by monetizing content.
  • google maps.You can use it for work and navigation. Business owners will be attracted by the ability to add tags, as well as photos and videos. Users from all over the world post reviews and ratings on Yandex. Maps. Reviews can be bought or sold, improving the company’s reputation. Users are engaged in paid placement on an ongoing basis, and they are well acquainted with all the features of such work. In some cases, rating and review systems are used to fight competitors, but Google tracks such actions.
  • email Gmail.Free mail allows you to perform mass mailing and does not limit the number of emails. You can buy a Gmail account by contacting our online store.
  • Google Play,which is the largest repository of movies, games, apps, books, and music. All this can be downloaded to tablets and smartphones running on the Android operating system.
  • blogging service Blogger.You can create your own blog for free, without resorting to programming and other complex manipulations.
  • business tools:advertising, analytics, promotion, and others. Currently available are Google AdSense, “Advertising”, Analytics, “My Business” and others.
  • The Messages app,which allows you to exchange SMM and MMS messages in a private chat with a high level of security.
  • tools for working with files.If you decide to buy Google accounts for at least one year, you will get access to a disk for storing files, a free online office (similar to Word and Excel), and presentations. You can work with texts and tables online, and store a large number of different files on Yandex. Disk without fear of data being lost or stolen.
  • the Hangouts Chat app,focused on group communication and hangouts.

There are a lot more products, and you can combine them all in one account. In some services, an account is not required, in others it opens access to advanced features, and in others, you can’t work without a Google account.

10 reasons why you might want to buy a Google account

  1. A huge set of additional services for individuals, companies and different types of businesses.
  2. Ability to enable syncing, as well as create data backups.
  3. High level of security achieved through two-step authentication.
  4. Fast and, importantly, free registration.
  5. Cross-platform, because the Google account and services can be used on personal computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  6. Properly structured work with accounts allows you to raise an app or game to the TOP, develop your business, promote videos on YouTube, and perform mass mailing. You can also use your accounts to earn money by putting likes, downloading apps, and performing other actions.
  7. You can buy cheap Google Mail, Adsense, Cloud, Google Play and other accounts. You can use emulators, auto-cheat services, and other tools to work with them. Funds invested in accounts pay off very quickly and begin to bring a good income.
  8. Google pays a lot of attention to user privacy and data protection. You can safely attach bank cards to your account, use it to store important information and other tasks without fear of hacking or leaks.
  9. Accounts allow quick authorization on third-party sites, such as Avito. You don’t need to create multiple accounts and emails, and you can remember dozens of passwords and logins.
  10. Accounts are stable, and they are blocked only if the rules are regularly and persistently violated.

How do I create a shared Google account?

Creating an account takes a small amount of time. Currently, you can register an account for an individual, as well as for a business. Let’s look at the stages of registering a private account:

  • Use the Google search engine to find the registration page.
  • select the account type and fill in all the fields: first and last name, email address, and password.
  • you will be redirected to the next page with a form that you also need to fill out. It is recommended to specify the phone number and backup email address (optional, but desirable), date of birth and gender (required).
  • Read the privacy policy and click “Accept”.
  • Congratulations, you have created an account that you can use to download content, work with reviews, and run ads. It can be used for promotion, leisure, work, entertainment and profit making.

After completing registration, you can change your personal data, set individual security settings, and work with various Google services. If you are going to use your account for purchases, registration in social networks, and other similar activities, then you need to link the account with your phone number and email address, which will allow you to quickly restore lost access and prevent fraudulent actions. The business account registration scheme is identical, only the type of data entered differs. To avoid blocking, we recommend that you do not register a large number of accounts from a single device, as well as your home IP address. If you need a lot of accounts, just buy them from us at a very affordable price.

How can I increase the level of trust in Google accounts?

The level of trust is influenced by a whole host of factors. The first one is the actual age of the account. The higher the age, the higher the trust, but you should pay attention to a number of other criteria that can increase the trust:

  • the presence of natural activity;
  • a well-filled profile and synchronization with other devices.
  • matches data that Google receives as a result of natural activity (browser search history, social networks, etc.). Data mismatch, of course, will not cause blocking, but it will have a negative impact on the trust in any case.
  • confirm your phone number and add a backup email address, which will significantly increase the level of trust and prevent account theft. You need to take care of setting up two-step authentication (password + confirmation code from an SMS, special app, USB token, or voice call).
  • adding payment methods, as well as making actual purchases. Please note that payments can be made using bank cards (credit and debit cards), mobile numbers, Google Play balance, or PayPal.

The trust limit will be increased if the user uses a Google account to log in and register in online stores, social networks, apps, news sites, and other resources that have a good reputation. Users who buy Google accounts cheap note that trust is important in the direction that is planned to be developed: mail, video hosting, advertising, reviews, downloading applications, etc. Account trust varies between Google services, which should be taken into account when ordering an account. To work with purchased Google accounts, it is better to choose dynamic mobile proxies instead of cheap public IP addresses.

Areas where you can use Google accounts

A single account gives you access to numerous Google services, so you can use it for::

  • increase the company’s rating, which is especially important when working with Google maps.
  • increase the rating on the YouTube video hosting service: likes and dislikes, comments, video views, etc.
  • pumping apps and games for further resale;
  • mailing lists and communication with clients.
  • settings for different types of advertising campaigns.
  • storing a large number of files-from photos to text materials.
  • business promotion;
  • use of analytics, statistics, and other tools.

You can buy Google Play, Gmail, AdSense, Google Adwords and other accounts at a reasonable price by contacting a representative of our online store. We have accounts verified by phone number, with backup email, and two-step authentication. Male and female accounts registered from different IP addresses are available.

Why is it cheap to buy Google Play accounts for promoting apps and games?

Every owner of an Android smartphone knows that safe downloading of apps, books, games, and other types of content is only possible if you have a Google Play account. However, the system also works in the other direction, because by purchasing a ready-made Google Play account, you can perform a lot of manipulations aimed at promoting a specific product:

  • increase the number of downloads.
  • giving positive ratings.
  • posting praising comments.
  • adding it to your wish list.
  • internal likes (evaluation of the usefulness of comments).

All this allows you to increase the product’s reputation, which will be of interest to developers and companies that upload content to the store and provide marketing support. There are many apps and content available in Yandex. Market that you can download or use for free, but there are plenty of monetization options available:

  • internal purchases, which is especially important for games and useful applications (fitness, calendars, planners, and others).
  • mobile advertising.
  • purchase of a special status, such as VIP, and others.

During product promotion, you need to keep in mind how the ranking is performed. The positions of a game or app are influenced by:

  • total number of installations.
  • download dynamics during 48-72 hours.
  • total number and dynamics of app deletions from different devices.
  • the number of comments, both positive and negative.
  • the number and type of evaluations, as well as launches.

Positions can be affected by the description, the quality of the video review and screenshots, the price, and the presence of external links. The method used to bring the app to the TOP is similar to the method used to create viral content on YouTube. The point is that you need to ensure the maximum number of downloads in the first days after the app is uploaded to the store. The number of downloads depends on various factors, it can reach 6.5-10 thousand.

For initial promotion, you can advertise on social networks, enable announcements on well-known sites, native reviews and ratings, but you should not refuse automatic or manual promotion. To complete this task, you can buy Google accounts with games or empty ones. Another solution is to involve third-party users whose quality of work is quite difficult to control.

Google Play accounts for earning money

The above methods of cheating are rarely used by the developers themselves. To complete the task, they attract people who have accounts in the service in question. Buying downloads, likes, and comments from unverified users is a risk, because it is very difficult to predict the behavior of different people. Most often, the choice falls on experienced users who are willing to buy Google Play accounts, and then use them to cheat. Another method of earning money is pumping games. In the future, you can sell your account, significantly increasing your investment.

Of course, you will need an initial financial injection. They are minimal and pay off after completing the first large order. At the start, you must invest in:

  • purchase of full or empty Google accounts.
  • purchase of mobile proxy servers.
  • purchase an Android emulator, but you can use free reliable solutions.

You can buy Google accounts in our online store, and we will also help you choose proxy servers and proven emulators. For example, you can choose the BlueStacks solution, which allows you to upgrade games. Using BlueStacks, you can:

  • use game controllers.
  • implement macros for repeated actions.
  • play one game using multiple accounts in the farm mode.
  • choose different modes, focusing on the genre of the game.

If we are talking about cheating, then you will have to download games, make purchases in Yandex. Market, post reviews and put ratings, and perform other actions that take into account the client’s requirements. Please note that the service is loyal to positive promotion (increasing the rating, number of downloads, etc.), but unjustifiably low ratings, negative comments, and other actions aimed at destabilization can not only attract the attention of service representatives, but also cause blocking.

Information for gamers

Many users are eager to buy a Google Play account with games, which will allow you to:

  • get access to games with upgraded characters and completed levels.
  • get a game that was paid for and has internal purchases.
  • use an account that has a large number of games with different themes and genres attached to it.

Such accounts are most often sold by owners who either no longer play, or have purposefully engaged in professional pumping. The cost of this group of accounts is influenced by the rating, the actual number of games, as well as their popularity, internal purchases, and other factors. You can buy a Google Play account with Minecraft, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and other games. They are often sold on forums, but not all sellers are honest. If you want to become the owner of such an account, you can purchase it from us, which minimizes all risks.

Why should I buy old Google accounts?

Old private Google accounts are used for a variety of purposes, one of the main ones being advertising. Google services have very strict moderation, so the site owner who wants to run ads may get rejected. For example, their site is filled with low-quality content or does not meet the service requirements at all. Older accounts are easier to work with because of their reputation. Such accounts have a trust limit, moderation is easier and faster, and in case of problems, the account is not banned, but sent warnings. Old private accounts also have a high trust, they are used for:

  • earning money through cheat services: voting, likes and dislikes, watching videos, evaluating publications, and other actions.
  • different types of advertising.
  • manual promotion, which is especially important for marketing agencies.
  • mass mailing via the Gmail mail service;
  • create channels and increase the number of subscribers on YouTube.
  • purchases and upgrades of games that can be downloaded from Google Play.

All older accounts are less likely to be blocked, but only if the usage rules are followed. If you buy an account but don’t play according to the rules, such actions will not go unnoticed, and the account may be blocked. The risk zone includes those who use phishing and cheating methods, boxes, and send spam.

Gmail Accounts

If you want to communicate with customers, perform different types of mailings, then you should buy Gmail accounts. Gmail is one of the largest email services with the following characteristics::

  • convenience, so emails are easy to read and send.
  • clear message hierarchy.
  • a good level of personal data protection;
  • features for filtering and sorting emails.
  • large amount of virtual memory. Gmail, Photos, and Disk are combined, and 15 free gigabytes are allocated. If this amount is not enough, you can purchase additional space by signing up for a Google One subscription. With a subscription, you can increase the storage capacity to 100 or 200 GB, or 2, 10, 20, or 30 terabytes.
  • no intrusive or uninteresting ads.
  • You can run yandex. Mail on different types of devices.
  • there is a built-in chat that allows you to quickly exchange messages.

You can register multiple mailboxes from the same computer and other types of devices, because Gmail is used for work, personal correspondence, shopping, and booking – accounts are rarely blocked.

Common reasons for blocking Google accounts

If we are talking about personal accounts, then blocking may occur for several reasons:

  • the most common one is account hacking, subsequent use for phishing, or popular types of fraud.
  • the account is used to distribute prohibited content, malicious software, and purposefully lower the rating for profit (dislikes, negative comments, and others).
  • having a large number of accounts, creating accounts using automatic registration services. Other actions aimed at circumventing the system’s rules.
  • creating fake identities that will be used to deceive users of the service in the future.
  • sending spam, which includes reviews, repetitive emails, comments, and content that interferes with users and distorts reality.
  • artificial increase in traffic and automatic phone calls, publication of materials that are of a terrorist nature.

After blocking, you will not be able to use the company’s services.In some cases, an explanation letter may be sent to the account owner. The decision is made on an individual basis. Any account can be blocked if the rules of the resource are violated. Keep in mind that different Google actions, accounts, and services have personal rules.

Types of Google accounts that you can buy

Today, a wide selection of accounts with different registration terms is available. For example, you can buy old accounts that are younger than 2010 and have a high trust and excellent history. They can be confirmed by phone number, have a backup email attached – it all depends on the requirements that you put forward for the account. You can also select accounts registered using Russian, American, or European IP addresses.

Please note that some accounts may have additional profiles in internal services. We are talking about pages on YouTube, Gmail, Google Voice, blog in Blogger, the history of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, etc. There are autoregs and svezhergs with long-term downtime, Google Play accounts and other types of accounts that you can buy at a very pleasant price. When choosing an account, pay attention to the following tips::

  • make deals with trusted sellers, refuse to buy accounts on forums and social networks.
  • after the purchase, check your account charmingly. Pay attention to the validity and availability of the characteristics promised by the seller.
  • if you find any inconsistencies, contact the merchant immediately, who must either replace the account or refund the money.

If you want to buy Google accounts with different characteristics, stasis or history, you can choose them in our online store Accounts-Store. Please note that the site has a manager who will be happy to help you choose the right accounts. Describe your goals, tell us more about the purpose of your accounts (promotion, mailing lists, games, etc.), and then we will quickly complete the selection process, taking into account the stated requirements.

Advantages of the Google Account Online Store

  1. Google accounts, social networks, major email services, dating sites, message boards, and games are always available. You can buy any number of profiles at a low price, and the catalog is regularly updated with new items. Accounts have different characteristics, so you can choose the one that is 100% consistent with your goals.
  2. Each account is checked – this is our basic rule. We create profiles using trusted proxies, automatic registration programs, and other reliable tools.
  3. By purchasing an account from us, you can return the deposited funds or request an exchange. The exchange or refund of funds is carried out promptly, and claims regarding the invalidity of accounts, as well as inconsistencies with the description on the site, are considered.
  4. Customers who make purchases in our online store are guaranteed to receive high discounts.
  5. Ability to sell your account.If you are creating sales accounts, you can sell them through our service. We guarantee the integrity of both sellers and buyers, please specify the working conditions.
  6. If you contact us, you can get full technical support. We have a wealth of experience and excellent skills, so we are ready to train our clients. Choosing a proxy, an introductory course in the specifics of multiaccounting, and searching for applications for automatic promotion are just a small part of the questions that we can give a detailed answer to.
  7. Our clients ‘ personal data is securely protected, and we ensure fast and fair transactions.

How do I buy a Google account in the online store Accounts-Store?

The online store conducts active and fruitful cooperation with representatives of various fields, we work with buyers and sellers, we have a personal certificate in the WebMoney electronic payment system. Our customers include webmaster accounts, representatives of marketing agencies, experts in the field of contextual advertising and gaming, and users who work with various methods of cheating. Placing an order takes only 5-10 minutes. You need to add your accounts to the shopping cart, enter your details (email address), and then make a payment. You can pay for the order by bank card, transfer from a mobile account, using WebMoney, Qiwi wallet, Yandex. money, and other equally convenient methods. We strongly recommend that you carefully check your entered data!

Accounts will be automatically issued after payment confirmation. After you receive the access data, you should check the profiles. In case of errors or problems, please contact us immediately, which is a guarantee of a quick solution to the current situation.

Our discounts

Want to buy cheap Google accounts with otlezhka? Then contact the Accounts-Store right now. We offer every customer a flexible discount system! The discount begins to be calculated if you buy more than one account:

  • 2-9 accounts – 2-9% discount, respectively.
  • 10, 15, 20, and 30 accounts – 10, 12, 15, and 20% off, respectively.

Please note that in addition to the standard discount program, we offer additional discounts. The cost of Google accounts, social networks and other types of accounts can be reduced by 20-40% or more, so keep an eye on the promotions so as not to miss the hottest offers.

We have many other additional services, favorable discount offers and useful tips. Would you like to get more information or clarify the details of placing orders? Then contact our online manager or call: +79152580423!