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Why should you buy Youtube accounts?

Buying ready-made YouTube accounts is a great solution for people involved in business and blogging. Video hosting allows you to attract subscribers, collect contact databases, conduct demand testing and sociological research. This is only a small part of the possibilities, but YouTube was and remains the best in its segment. If you want to promote your blog, create a corporate channel, or make gaming reviews, then buying YouTube accounts will speed up the promotion process.

  1. What is YouTube?
  2. Why buy YouTube accounts for cheap?
  3. Why buy empty YouTube accounts?
  4. Limits for actions in YouTube in 2022
  5. Limits on comments
  6. Message limits
  7. Limit on likes
  8. Subscription limits
  9. Video limits and requirements for videos
  10. Tips for limits
  11. Which YouTube accounts can I buy?
  12. Types of monetization on YouTube
  13. Advertisement
  14. Other types of monetization
  15. 10 reasons to buy Youtube accounts
  16. Ways to cheat on YouTube
  17. Where can I buy YouTube accounts?
  18. Terms and stages of purchasing YouTube accounts
  19. Why you should buy YouTube accounts in an online store

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular video hosting service, with 2 billion users from different countries visiting it every month. It ranks second in the world in terms of traffic, number of users and content. Ten years ago, video hosting was just an ordinary video library, but today it opens up incredible opportunities for brand promotion and video monetization. Today, about 400-500 minutes of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and you will have to spend about 80 years of your life watching all the videos. You can upload ready-made videos, as well as conduct a stream, engage in sales, marketing, and raising awareness. It is not surprising that many users tend to buy YouTube accounts with and without subscribers, with a check mark and empty ones, which they use to solve various strategic tasks in the field of e-commerce and marketing.

Why buy YouTube accounts for cheap?

YouTube video hosting has gained huge popularity in the field of bloggers who upload videos with different topics. They create reviews of popular movies and products, letsplays, talk about services, show pranks – they work with various topics that can attract and retain subscribers. However, blogging is not the only direction of “YouTube”, because you can also:

  • advertise products and services;
  • promote any type of business;
  • create corporate channels;
  • perform SEO optimization;
  • earn money on streams and donates;
  • link channels to social media sites, profiles, and trading pages;
  • upload instructional videos-from furniture assembly to basic Chinese;
  • drive traffic to online stores, landing pages, blogs, and other sites;
  • promote and promote short films and amateur videos;
  • make a profit using elements of native (product placement) and direct advertising;
  • generate news.

Each channel has a specific or mixed theme:

  • news item;
  • sporty;
  • beauty industry;
  • hairdressing art;
  • humor;
  • handmade;
  • gamerism;
  • business;
  • music;
  • show business;
  • training;
  • unboxing (unboxing);
  • movie;
  • journeys;
  • cooking;
  • computer technology;
  • animals;
  • animation;
  • explanatory videos and others.

There are amateurs on each topic, the main thing is the correct presentation of the material, non-standardness, lack of copying and secondary elements, and competent promotion. The latter plays a primary role in the success or failure of the project. For example, on the main page or in the “Trending” section, videos are displayed that have a large number of views and comments, many sources of traffic (including from third-party resources), and are rapidly gaining popularity.

To quickly solve your tasks, you can buy a YouTube account with 1000 subscribers to immediately receive likes, reposts, and other types of actions. Even if you open the channel on your own, you can’t do without attracting “nullers” who create the appearance of activity.

Why buy empty YouTube accounts?

To upload videos to YouTube, you must have a registered and active Google account. You can create the main channel yourself, because the work will not require much effort:

  • analyze popular channels and determine the topic that you can work with. Video content should be not only expert, but also interesting;
  • think through your personal chips and style;
  • create a portrait of the target audience, and make a plan for releasing videos in the near future;
  • register a Google account, if you don’t already have one, and create a YouTube channel;
  • stock up on equipment (cameras, illuminated tripods, etc.), choose programs for video processing;
  • design your channel: home page, information page, personalized icons, and so on.;
  • start making videos and earn money!

If you want to immediately start interacting with a stable audience, it is advisable to buy a YouTube account with monetization or subscribers. You should buy YouTube auto-registration accounts if you want to promote your services, distribute viral content, or attract users to third-party sites. In any case, before starting work, learn all the rules of video hosting, because there are restrictions regarding the topics and quality of videos. Buying ready-made accounts will help:

  • get ready-made profiles without having to manually register, rent a proxy, and other pitfalls;
  • conduct a competent marketing campaign on the most popular video hosting site;
  • save time and money, because working on your own accounts is much cheaper than promoting with the help of agencies;
  • minimize blocking risks. Even if several accounts are banned for excessive activity, financial losses will be minimal;
  • quickly promote the main channel.

Many users tend to buy old “YouTube” accounts, which can be used not only for Internet marketing. Popular channels with a large number of subscribers and monetization are rarely sold, of course, they are much more expensive than zero-sum channels. Therefore, the promotion and subsequent sale of YouTube accounts is a promising, profitable and simple type of business.

Limits for actions in YouTube in 2022

Algorithms for detecting unnatural fraud are changed annually, so all the data provided are approximate. The level of “good” and “bad” actions is revealed in the course of work. It is worth remembering that no social network or video hosting service welcomes too active unnatural cheating, so when it is detected, sanctions are imposed on channel owners.

Limits on comments

There are no strict restrictions, but everything depends on the content of the comment. You can leave about 80-100 different comments per day, making pauses, otherwise this feature will be temporarily limited. The number of comments with links is 5-10. If the links or comments left from the same account are identical and clearly spam, then the sanctions will not be long in coming.

Message limits

Since 2018, the possibility of personal correspondence has been disabled. You can contact the channel owner via email. The address can be found in the section “About the channel” → “Additional information” → “For commercial requests”. This section is available when viewed from a personal computer. The address is displayed only after the user confirms that they are not robots (captcha). By the way, this option will be of interest to people who collect a contact database for active partner work.

Limit on likes

Likes and dislikes are an excellent indicator of activity, and you can put about 150-200 marks on knocks. Please note that the “YouTube” subscriber can put “hearts” to the comments left under the videos without restrictions.

Subscription limits

Any number of users can subscribe to the channel – There are no restrictions here. However, during the day, one user can subscribe to 75 channels, the total subscription limit is 2 thousand channels.

Video limits and requirements for videos

When working with video clips, keep in mind the following restrictions:

  • the duration of the video must not exceed 12 hours;
  • the video size should not exceed 128 GB;
  • video hosting supports many video formats: MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI – more than 13 options. If the format of your video is not suitable, then you can convert it using special tools.

Of course, there are no restrictions on the number of views, but there are pitfalls here. The fact is that algorithms calculate natural and unnatural, high-quality and low-quality pageviews. For example, your video is 20 minutes long and the user watches it for 20-30 seconds. As a result, we get a small viewing depth, which has a negative impact on the video’s usefulness indicator. Therefore, every owner of a YouTube channel should keep in mind the following tips:

  • according to statistics, users watch videos that are 5-15 minutes long until the end. But here everything directly depends on the topic. In some cases, reducing the length of the video to 15 minutes is impractical, especially when it comes to unpacking, news, and other topics that require deep disclosure. You can find the golden mean for a particular channel by filling in videos of different lengths, and then tracking metrics using internal YouTube tools.;
  • if you bought an inexpensive YouTube account with subscribers, then change the theme carefully and gradually. Please note that the channel name can be changed no more than 3 times within 90 days;
  • you should not post all the most valuable and important information at the beginning of the video, otherwise no one will watch it until the end. The correct video scenario increases the natural viewing depth to 50-60%.%;
  • the dynamics of video popularity growth begins to be calculated immediately after the video was uploaded to the channel. Therefore, you need to start promoting immediately after filling. In this case, the video may become viral within the first day.

The service also tracks the number of uploaded videos. If the user uses automation systems or special programs for filling content, then you need to be careful. Such programs load a large number of videos with unnatural frequency, which is beyond the power of an ordinary user, so the service’s rules are violated. The unspoken download limit for young channels is 3 videos per day. If you don’t use automatic upload tools and fake videos, the limit is increased.

Tips for limits

Summing up the question of limits, let’s say that you can and should buy YouTube accounts for promotion. However, you need to keep in mind the key rules:

  • strictly follow all the limits described above;
  • use valid accounts that have a history and minimal reputation for cheating;
  • avoid spam and a large number of links by working with comments;
  • make intervals between actions, as well as fill the video;
  • strictly observe the copyright;
  • avoid actions that can lead to blocking or pessimization of the channel.

The service “YouTube” is quite loyal to users, so it does not block channels or accounts immediately. Owners receive several warnings, but if they don’t respond to them, the pages may be banned. For additional ads, use the video description form where you can place ads:

  • links to groups in social networks;
  • links to other pages: websites, blogs, landing page, and others;
  • keywords and hashtags that are important for SEO;
  • detailed descriptions that encourage users to view them;
  • links to e-wallets and accounts that will help users support the channel in rubles or other currencies.

All this is not prohibited, so you should pay attention to filling out the section.

Which YouTube accounts can I buy?

All accounts are divided into several groups. Getting into each of them depends on the age, level of content and content. For business promotion, service promotion, viral marketing, creating artificial activity, and using Google services (maps, search, mail, YouTube Music, Chromecast, Google Play Movies, and others), you can choose empty accounts. They can be registered manually or with the help of special software. After creating such accounts, they are kept for 3-14 days, so they get the trust of the video hosting service.

Promotion can be performed using completed accounts that contain information about age, gender, region of residence, and so on. Most often, they are used for promotion using comments, likes,and dislikes. The following types of accounts are also available, which have a higher cost:

  • with subscribers. The number depends on the price, most often sold accounts “YouTube” with 1-5 thousand subscribers;
  • with monetization. Accounts are approved for participation in the affiliate program, so immediately after the purchase, the new owner begins to receive income;
  • with the channel. The account is filled with information, is designed, has subscribers, and is also filled with video content. The most expensive group of accounts, suitable for people who have at least minimal experience with video hosting. Some users sell such channels en masse, they are engaged in promotion at a professional level. You can also find accounts with a channel from the owner who wants to step away from this job;
  • premium. You can buy a premium YouTube account to watch videos without ads or earn revenue from this type of content monetization.;
  • with a check mark. You can buy a YouTube account with a check mark by getting a profile that has been verified and approved by the video hosting administration. However, this feature is only available for accounts that have more than 100k users. subscribers. You may need to submit documents for approval. The check mark is most often given to official channels of large companies, media personalities, and promoted bloggers.

The price of the account depends on the number of subscribers, the presence/absence of videos, monetization and check marks, the region of registration, validity, level of content of the profile, and age.

Types of monetization on YouTube

For users who have an account with an active channel, different types of monetization are available, which makes YouTube quite profitable in terms of payback and profitability. You can work with corporate content, create video tutorials, and distribute native ads, earning additional passive income. Currently, there are several monetization options available. Let’s take a look at them.

Ads that depend on the type of ad are displayed on different types of devices:

  • computers;
  • tablets;
  • smartphones;
  • game and set-top boxes.

Several ad formats are available:

  • media videos that appear in the upper-right corner of the screen (above the list of recommended videos);
  • overlays that are semi-transparent. Displayed at the bottom of the video;
  • video ads that can be skipped for 5-6 seconds of viewing. They appear at any minute of the video;
  • video ads that can’t be skipped and have a duration of up to 20 seconds;
  • product ads that are unobtrusive advertising tips;
  • splash ads that last about 6 seconds. The user views them to the end.

The channel owner chooses the ad types themselves, taking into account their convenience and cost. YouTube recommends using the maximum number of ads, but a huge number of different ads will irritate and repel users. Therefore, you need to test everything by evaluating the audience’s response and revenue level.

Other types of monetization

Ads are the most popular, but the following types of monetization are also available:

  • section with souvenir products, which can contain 12 products;
  • sponsorship, which users can use to support their favorite channels or projects;
  • superchats and superstickers, which users can use to send paid chat messages;
  • YouTube Premium. Users can disable ads by signing up for a subscription. Video creators will continue to make a profit, but their content must meet the requirements of YouTube Premium.

Before connecting the channel to the affiliate program, a check is performed. Each type of advertising and monetization has strict rules. If we are talking about advertising and YouTube Premium, then the requirements for the quality of content come to the fore. Sponsorship is available for channels that have more than 30 thousand subscribers (channels about video games – 1 thousand subscribers). You can enable superchats and superstickers if the channel owner lives in the region where these features are supported. The section with souvenirs can be opened when the number of subscriptions reaches 10 thousand. The owner must be at least 18 years old, and young bloggers can use a guardian to manage their finances.

10 reasons to buy Youtube accounts

  1. The ability to use accounts to attract subscribers, warm customers, and traffic to the main site.
  2. Maintaining active sales online.
  3. Guaranteed earnings generated by channel monetization.
  4. Youtube accounts have a minimum price, all investments are paid off within a few days after the transaction is concluded.
  5. YouTube has a multibillion-dollar audience, which allows you to promote your business not only in the domestic but also in the international market.
  6. Relatively loyal policy regarding different types of cheating. The risk of getting banned is minimal, but the limits should still be met.
  7. The opportunity to expand the circle of personal acquaintances, gather like-minded people.
  8. Good prospects for generating income for people who are engaged in professional promotion and subsequent sale of accounts (with or without content).
  9. Increase loyalty to brands and companies. Videos not only attract interest and increase awareness, but also promote visual memorization.
  10. You can earn revenue not only from basic monetization, but also from hidden ads. Bloggers sign contracts with well-known brands, brands, developers of games and computer gadgets. The main thing is a large number of subscribers, views and recognition of the channel.

Buying YouTube accounts will interest not only novice bloggers, but also marketing agencies, recruiting and construction companies, and online stores. YouTube offers huge opportunities for the development and popularization of its own brands and handmade products. It allows you to monetize any hobby – from gaming to making cakes to order. The main advantage is that ready-made accounts have a low price, and the result of using them is visible almost immediately.

Ways to cheat on YouTube

When deciding to buy a YouTube, VK, Instagram, or other social media account, you need to think about automatic or manual promotion. The page can be as interesting as possible, but at first you will have to invest in attracting users. The following available tools are used for cheating:

  • likes and dislikes under the video;
  • likes and dislikes of comments;
  • mutual or single subscriptions;
  • attracting stream viewers;
  • comments;
  • reposts and likes of reposts.

To cheat, you can use your own account database. Another solution is to purchase the above actions in specialized services. In the latter case, the actions will be performed by real users, but this service is not cheap.

Where can I buy YouTube accounts?

You can buy cheap YouTube accounts on several sites:

  • spontaneous forums. Here, accounts are sold by private users who want to earn a little money or are professionally engaged in promotion. Prices are low, but no one can guarantee the validity and security of the transaction. For example, after a transfer of funds, the buyer may not receive the login information for the account. This method is unreliable, so you should avoid such purchases;
  • exchanges. Buying on exchanges is a safer way, but checking accounts is not always carried out, so the risk of getting a dummy is very high. It is necessary to make purchases on exchanges that have a good reputation;
  • online stores for YouTube accounts, social networks, and email services. The most convenient option, if you consider it from the point of view of assortment and safety. Accounts can be purchased either individually or in packages, and men’s and women’s profiles with any registration period are available. All of them pass strict verification and are created manually or using automatic registration.

When choosing accounts, you should pay attention to the following characteristics::

  • gender, region, registration date;
  • filling out your profile;
  • presence or absence of subscribers, as well as their actual number and type (bots, real users);
  • monetization opportunities;
  • age of the account.

We have listed the approximate characteristics, because in this matter everything is very individual. If you need accounts for promotion and marketing, then in principle you can not pay attention to gender or age. If you want to buy a working account, then subscriptions, monetization and reputation are important. In our online store you can buy any type of YouTube account without any risks!

Terms and stages of purchasing YouTube accounts

The catalog contains accounts that can be used to solve any task: promotion, comprehensive promotion, advertising, attracting new customers, and others. There are male and female YouTube accounts: autoregs, self-regs, from real users. Each account is valid, and a preliminary check is carried out, which is carried out by experienced employees of our service. You can not only buy an inexpensive YouTube account, but also sell your own (please specify the terms).

Our company has a personal Webmoney certificate, so you can appeal the transaction at any time. However, if you cooperate with us, you will be reliably protected, because always stands guard over the interests of the buyer:

  • we perform strict verification of all accounts;
  • we perform prompt replacement of “YouTube” accounts that do not match the description. You can replace or refund funds for invalid accounts. Please note that we strongly recommend that you do not share your account information with third parties who might steal access.;
  • each customer receives a lifetime warranty, as well as professional technical support;
  • the company regularly monitors prices, so the cost of accounts is up-to-date.

If you want to buy YouTube accounts, then select the appropriate ones in the catalog, and then proceed as follows::

  • add the required number of accounts to your shopping cart. If you have any questions, you can always contact our online consultant. Support works around the clock, responds promptly;
  • enter the information you need to complete the transaction. Information about your YouTube accounts (password, username) will be sent to your email address. Be sure to check your data before you click the”buy” button;
  • choose the appropriate payment method. We accept electronic money, transfers from mobile accounts and bank cards, bitcoins and other types of payments;
  • after receiving the payment, we will send your account details to the specified email address (automatic delivery occurs). Immediately check all the data, if you have any problems or a warranty case, please contact us in any convenient way. Applications are processed promptly, but in 99% of cases, our clients are satisfied with the concluded deals.

It will be nice to know that you can buy YouTube accounts with and without subscribers in bulk at a discount. The discount starts to be calculated automatically from the second account. Its size ranges from 2 to 20%, which depends on the volume of your purchase.

Why you should buy YouTube accounts in an online store

We are an honest supplier that sells thousands of accounts every day. Our customers always come back, because they value honesty, responsibility, flexible discounts and ironclad warranty obligations We also provide:

  • protection of the buyer’s rights, as well as maintaining anonymity when entering into any type of transactions;
  • permanent presence of Youtube, Instagram, VK, Facebook accounts, email services, message boards, and others;
  • validity of each profile;
  • comprehensive support on all issues related to SMM marketing, multiaccounting, automated promotion systems and other nuances of work;
  • flexible discounts available to all customers.

Do you need high-quality YouTube accounts at a low price? Then buy them from us, and also get support and other cool bonuses. You can write to our online consultant. We are in touch in “Telegram”, Twitter, Skype, VK!