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Why should you buy Instagram accounts?

Instagram Is one of the most popular applications in the world that allows you to exchange photos and videos, as well as messages. However, the application is used not only for consumer communication, but also for business promotion. Therefore, the owners of online stores, news resources, information sites are increasingly seeking buy an Instagram account with live followers. The purchased profiles are used for shadow promotion or account monetization – this is the tip of the iceberg, but now we will tell you more about everything and cover the following topics for you:

  1. The role of instagram in SMM business
  2. Selling Instagram accounts like a business
  3. Types of Instagram accounts
  4. Why buy ready-made pages?
  5. How many profiles are recommended to buy?
  6. Areas of application for empty Instagram accounts
  7. Account promotion methods
  8. Limits statistics
  9. Process automation
  10. Working with a large number of pages
  11. Account production technology
  12. Account age
  13. How to avoid bans?
  14. Instagram profiles cost
  15. How is the buying process going?
  16. How does the delivery work?

What is the role of Instagram in SMM business?

Instagram is a promising and very popular application. In 2019, the volume of daily active users exceeded 500 million – this is impressive, you cannot miss such a huge audience. If you wishbuy a business account on Instagram, then appreciate all the benefits of developing a profile on this social network:

  • suitable for small, medium and large businesses;
  • can be the main or auxiliary sales channel, the source of contact information;
  • allows you to direct targeted traffic to another social network or website;
  • an excellent statistics system is available for business accounts;
  • the minimum amount of content, which opens up wide opportunities for the implementation of USP and increasing the number of impulse purchases;
  • using Stories, you can notify the target audience about new promotions, hot offers and other important events;
  • you can broadcast live, which is important for beauty bloggers, reviewers of computer games, chefs, etc.;
  • search for like-minded people, the ability to partner with the owners of popular profiles;
  • making money on advertising, selling Instagram accounts with a good reputation and subscribers;
  • working with hashtags, you can attract a significant number of targeted subscribers who are interested in a blog topic or commercial proposal;
  • the majority of Instagram users are from the millennial generation who are familiar with modern technologies, and more than 50% of them actively shop online.

buy instagram accounts bulk

In terms of audience activity, Instagram lags behind Facebook by only 25% (51% to 76%, respectively, according to the American agency comScore). The application is distributed absolutely free of charge, it can be used on tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops – it is convenient, practical and profitable.

Selling Instagram accounts, as a business

You will be surprised, but you can sell Instagram account by price, which will allow not only to return the invested funds, but also to make a profit. Promoted accounts are actively bought, they are also used to develop a business or generate income from advertising. For example, users are ready buy Instagram account with subscribers in New York for 10$, which depends on the content, subject matter and other factors.


You can also create profiles for the further successful sale of advertising through specialized exchanges. Many aspiring businessmen who are poorly versed in the specifics of working in a social network seek buy an Instagram account with income, which almost immediately begins to pay for itself. Therefore, creating profiles for subsequent sale is a good start-up that practically does not require investment.

Types and purpose of Instagram accounts

Let’s consider the main types and specifics of accounts:

  • personal blogs. They belong to ordinary users who upload personal photos, share short videos, chat with friends and subscribe to popular bloggers;
  • expert blogs. Devoted to a specific topic, for example, the beauty industry, shopping, parenting, gaming – the topic is chosen by the blogger, taking into account its relevance;
  • They can be news, informational, social, charitable, some open up opportunities for finding a soul mate or like-minded people. Are under the control of an administrator, similar to VK or Facebook groups;
  • insta landing page.The design uses one picture, divided into 8 or more photographs. In fact, they are a showcase, they are used to collect contacts, sales, test a new niche, communicate with consumers, redirect traffic to the main store. A good solution for those who do not have the means to create a classic landing page;
  • business accounts… They are created by companies that want to increase customer loyalty and attract new users. Such profiles are filled with posts of informational, advertising and news nature.


In a separate group, it is worth highlighting the accounts of popular people: athletes, comedians, actors, singers, directors and others. The existence of “star” pages entails the emergence of fan blogs, as well as armies of haters who scold everyone and everything. The last category is bots created with the aim of increasing the number of subscribers and creating activity.

Why buy ready-made pages when you can register yourself?

Why is it worth buy a ready-made Instagram account? Registration procedures can be passed free of charge – this is saving! In fact, everything is not so simple, because during registration, the remote server of the social network makes a commit:

  • information entered by the user;
  • IP addresses.

And if everything is clear with the information, fixing the IP address is a problem, because when creating numerous accounts, blocking can occur, which will lead to the loss of all uploaded photos, video and text materials, as well as the results achieved. In this case, the proxy server, which acts as a “safety cushion” in the client-server chain, comes of no help. It is recommended to use no more than 3-5 proxies for one account (depending on the type and cost of the server), the latter are divided into several types:

  • free, which are used by a large number of people. You can save money, but the risk of blocking will be enormous;
  • Best but not cheap solution. Paid proxies can be customized, so the buyer gets a reliable personal IP address that can be used for 1-5 accounts. The second option is packet proxies, which are cheaper than individual proxies. They are better than free, but worse than individual ones;
  • An interesting option, the functioning of which is ensured by connecting to the IP of mobile operators. First, mobile IPs change quite often. Secondly, there is mobile traffic, which increases the loyalty of social networks and the level of trust in accounts, because most of the users use mobile devices for Internet surfing.


Proxies can be public (used by a large number of people) and private, with different indicators of anonymity. Before taking any action, the proxy is recommended to be checked for validity, as well as for the presence of locks. This can be done using specialized services and sites, but not all of them provide correct operation, therefore, they may not identify the “problem” proxy server.

You can buy ready-made profiles on the Instagram account exchanges, which will greatly simplify the task. You will not need to generate hundreds of email addresses, create Facebook profiles or buy SIM cards, which saves you time and energy. You can buy a live Instagram account with any story that fully meets the requirements of the project.

How much do you need buy Instagram accounts?

The number of accounts directly depends on the task at hand. You may need 10-15 profiles to create an activity on a page. If we are talking about working out a large audience, for example, 500 thousand profiles, then 30-60 accounts may be needed. Therefore, before doing purchases on the exchange of Instagram accounts it is worth making a plan and estimating the amount of work, as well as calculating an approximate budget.


Areas of application for empty Instagram accounts

  1. Promotion for making money on advertising.
  2. Creating activity, attracting new customers: comments, likes, subscriptions, the actual increase in the number of subscribers, and others.
  3. Promotion using SMM marketing.
  4. Additional pages for online anonymity.
  5. Promotion for the further sale of Instagram accounts with or without subscribers.
  6. Work in the field of traffic arbitrage.


Promotion methods

Blank accounts are required in all areas of online business. With their help, you can create landing pages on any topic, they are used in the following types of promotion:

  • mass following – Implementation of mass subscription to users, which allows you to attract their attention;
  • massliking – setting massive likes, which will attract new users and traffic to the page;
  • mass mailing of messages to Direct, which has the same effect as mass-liking and mass-following. Do not forget about the comments that need to be left on the profiles of famous bloggers and ordinary users.

When working with the above promotion tools, it is worth remembering the limits set for accounts of different ages. It is necessary to start small, and increase the volume of actions (subscriptions, mailings, likes) gradually, which will minimize the risk of getting banned.

Limits statistics 2021-2022

There is no exact data on the limits, because Instagram, as we understand it, does not advertise this information, so the search for the golden mean is done by trial and error. You can build on the following data for young accounts:

  • 100-300 subscriptions;
  • 200-400 likes;
  • 500 unsubscriptions;
  • 30 messages to Direct;
  • 10-12 publications.

For old accounts:

  • 900-1200 subscriptions;
  • 1-2 thousand likes;
  • 5 thousand unsubscriptions;
  • 60 messages to Direct;
  • 20 publications.

It is worth working with comments carefully. On the first day, it is better to leave 5-10 comments per hour from a fresh account, and 40 from an old one. It can be understood that the age of the account rules the show, because the higher it is, the more trustworthy it is. It is recommended to gradually increase activity (within 8-12 days) and observe the time intervals, and not reach the maximum performance in the limits in the first days of work.


All processes must be controlled, trying not to exceed the maximum daily limits. Before starting work, you should create a table of accounts with age, and then write a plan, taking into account the limits and scaling of the campaign by day. The optimal solution is to use automation services that will manage the activity. consultant will tell you in more detail about limits and other restrictions – write to us to get detailed information.

Systems for process automation

If you bought an Instagram account with followers or empty profiles, it is advisable to use a variety of automation systems. Such systems simplify the process of promotion, cheating and other actions, minimizing the risk of blocking. One of the most popular is SocialKit, which opens up a lot of possibilities:

  • work with an unlimited number of accounts;
  • high level of security and functionality;
  • the simplest controls and settings that an inexperienced user can handle;
  • purchase of proxy servers at a discount from a partner company;
  • many options for action: subscribe / unsubscribe, like, comments, moderation and others;
  • relatively low rates, the ability to test the software using a demo version.


The program is installed on the user’s personal computer, so the data is protected. However, this is not the only service, consider others:

  • The service gives free posts, allows you to work with an unlimited number of accounts, supports 7 social networks and instant messengers, including Instagram. It features a built-in photo editor and automatic watermark, allows you to use your own proxies. There are many tariff plans, but the prices are not high;
  • The main purpose is to attract subscribers, which contributes to a large number of natural likes, comments and other actions. Upon registration, the user receives 7 free days as a gift. The service puts mutual likes, subscribes and unsubscribes (when the limit is reached), and removes subscriber bots. Supports the function “Instashpion” (tracking competitors and posts that subscribers like) and “Autodirect” (personal welcome messages to new subscribers), displays statistics.

When choosing a suitable service, you need to build on the goals for which you use accounts: promotion, creating activity, attracting subscribers, and others. You can test different services to choose the best ones for solving business problems

Working with a large number of pages

When working with a large number of pages, there are a lot of factors to consider:

  • activity limits;
  • the number of accounts on one proxy server;
  • blocking algorithms and many others.


When I decided to spam on Instagram without limits

We not only carry out selling Instagram accounts with live subscribers, but we provide assistance in all work processes. Our staff will help you choose automation services and proxy servers, we will tell you about the most common reasons that lead to blocking. We always help our clients by sharing our knowledge and experience with them. Be sure to write to us if you want to get advice or a full consultation right now!

What kind Instagram accounts can be bought cheap: types, production technology

Mass buying Instagram accounts takes place in a few minutes, but before making a deal, it is worth getting to know more about the main types of profiles:

  • accounts created manually. Some users are looking to sell an Instagram account that has a certain number of followers and is filled with content. The cost of an Instagram account in this case is negotiated individually, it depends on popularity and other factors;
  • Instagram accounts, created by automatic registration. They can be activated by mail or phone number, most often empty ones, because filling is associated with additional expenses. When used correctly (proxy, device change, etc.), such accounts live for a very long time, but they look impersonal;


You can make a purchase through Instagram account exchange or through our service We also work with people who want sell Instagram account with followers at a nice price.

Account age

If you want to buy a promoted Instagram account or profiles without subscribers, then you should pay attention to the age:

  • The social network treats such accounts the most biased, because they are often registered to increase the number of subscribers, spam messages and other tasks. Most often, such accounts are not filled;
  • pages with a history of activity (from 2 weeks and more). Can be supplemented with photos, stories, etc .;
  • can buy an Instagram account with tracking, which is a safe and quite profitable solution. In this case, after registration, the account is not used for its intended purpose for 2 weeks or more. It is quite reliable, therefore it is subject to blocking in rare cases.

It is worth remembering that all types of accounts are also divided by:

  • the number of subscribers;
  • geography of subscribers;
  • volume, uniqueness and relevance of content;


We will dwell on the last point, because if you bought an Instagram account with subscribers over 10,000, then its subject should in no case be changed. Otherwise, you may face an outflow of real subscribers, which will negatively affect your work and cause additional expenses.

How to avoid bans when working with Instagram pages?

The banal absence of haste will help prevent blocking. You need to work with accounts carefully, increasing activity gradually, as we have already written about above. Sanctions can be applied in the following cases:

  • distribution of the same comments;
  • dissemination of comments containing threats, extremist statements, etc .;
  • distribution of content that contradicts the principles of the service and laws;
  • publication of someone else’s content, in this case blocking is made on the basis of copyright. Work with open photo hosting sites, where you can get good pictures for free and for a fee, will help to avoid it;
  • logins to the account from different parts of the world within a short period of time.


If on the very first day from a zero account you make 1000 subscriptions and put the same number of likes, then with a high degree of probability the account will be banned. Therefore, you need to use planning tools, proven automation and deferred posting services, good proxy servers, which will protect accounts and their owners from extremely unpleasant situations. The first 2 locks are most often warning, the third is eternal.

How much does an Instagram account cost?: criteria for evaluation

Price calculation is a purely individual process. If we are talking about a slightly promoted account, the following are taken into account:

  • activity, regionality and number of subscribers;
  • account type;
  • validity;
  • profile age and region;
  • general quantitative indicators: likes, comments, other types of activity.

These are the key parameters, in practice there are more of them. When choosing, try to look for an account that matches the business topic. After the purchase, you can radically change the theme by replacing the sale of automotive oils with evening dresses. In this case, subscribers will leave, so you will have to invest in finding new ones.

Empty accounts are quite cheap, because their cost starts at 1 $. The price is influenced by the date of registration, the ability to link a phone number or email address, and the method of creating an account.

How is the buying process going?

In you can buy an account with a checkmark Instagram as well as empty female and male profiles:

  • with mail;
  • with attached mail;
  • Phone Verified Accounts (PVA)

We guarantee fair transactions, carefully control the quality Instagram accounts sold using personal proxy servers for registration. We have accounts young and old, with and without subscribers, with tracking and others. You can make a purchase at any convenient time by following the instructions:

  • go to the directory;
  • select the required accounts, add them to the cart;
  • make payment.

We work with the most popular payment methods, so you can definitely choose the appropriate option: Cryptocurrency, Payoneer, Visa / Mastercard, mobile operators, WebMoney and others. We kindly ask you to take into account a number of important recommendations during the payment:

  • before depositing funds, check the contents of the order;
  • carefully enter your personal data, especially with regard to the email address to which your purchase will be sent;
  • after filling in all the fields, carry out an additional check.

Keep track of the order amount, for bulk purchases, a discount will be provided, the amount of which depends on the actual number of accounts. We guarantee the preservation of the anonymity of customers, at any stage of ordering, you can contact an online consultant for help.

How does the delivery work?

Many customers, having concluded the first deal with, become our regular customers. We guarantee:

  • confidentiality;
  • protection of each transaction;
  • 100% fulfillment of obligations on our part;
  • high quality of accounts;
  • technical support;
  • assistance in all matters related to the purchase of an Instagram account with or without subscribers;
  • replacement of goods in case of justified claims from the client: inconsistency with the parameters declared on our website, and others. However, it should be said that cases of return happen with us very, very rarely.

After completing the payment, wait for the account data to be sent to your email. The following information will be provided:

  • login,
  • password,
  • year of account creation.


Check all the information, and then get started right away. If you have any difficulties with the work or setting up programs for automating processes, then you can always get a detailed free consultation!